Have I introduced you to our psychic?

That lovely lady sketched here to the left of this text?
<------- yeah, her
Meet The Gypsy Janeska.
The Gypsy Janeska is the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s personal psychic. Each week we sit down with her and get a reading as to what is going on in around the desert that our viewers would be interested in knowing about.
Well, these past weeks The Gypsy Janeska has been working overtime. She’s been a bit frazzled. And, okay, the other part of the truth is that we haven’t been paying her enough a (this is when your donate to the blog).
So, because of all of that… our readings have been off a bit.
Recently, we have predicted some blog posts that have yet to come to fruition…
… but have no fear, because they are near.
We are working diligently with The Gypsy Janeska to have more accurate readings and live up to the desert’s week and our viewers expectations.
So, we apologise for any posts that you were looking forward to seeing that have yet to be put up… they’re-a-comin’.
The Gypsy Janeska looks deep into her crystal ball and reads….

1. Meet & Greet the Coachella Valley Art Scene this Sunday!! Yes, the time has come…. the unveiling of the mystery people behind the blog. You can run, but you can’t hide. This Sunday we are actually signing off of our computers and coming out to play with the real world. We will be hanging out with DJ Alf Alpha in the Amigo Room at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs (9pm-2am). DJ Alf Alpha will be spinning some really great tunes – downtempo, modern funk, and global beats. Perfect music to brainstorm and connect with. Come and meet us and share some ideas!!

2. Memorial Day Chaos: Around Town Edition. It’s a three day weekend. Three days weekends usually equate to chaos. And we have the map all marked up as to where exactly the X’s are. Follow us down the yellow brick road this weekend to all the fun stuff around town.

3. Flower Drop. More importantly then the fact that it’s a three day weekend is the reason as why it is a three day weekend. that reason would be Memorial Day on Monday. We define what Memorial Day is, and also give you more information as to what the Flower Drop is and why it’s so beautiful.

4. Explorations of the Desert: Sean Burford steps Outside. You never know what will happen when you step outside your front door. The magic awaits. Sean Burford captures that magic this week for the blog. Radical!

5. AIDS LIfe Cycle Silent Auction and Fundraiser this Wednesday. It’s all going down at Space 120!! Johnny 5000 (as known by his fans) aka Juan Galvan (as known by the government and Facebook) has been crafting this project and goal for himself for some time now. It’s great! There will be more than 20 artists there! More than 15 sponsors there! Could this be the largest show of 2010??? Props to Johnny, and let’s see him raise $3,000 for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation so he can participate in the Aids Life Cycle. More info coming!.

6. Community Fact #2. Whoops, last week we accidentally forgot to post our Community Fact for the week. This week it’s going up for shizzle.

7. Joshua Tree Music Festival Recap. Eduardo Valadez has provided up with some lovely words, lovely photos, and a great visual of what the music festival was all about this year. A one day excursion through Eduardo’s mind… always a good one.

8. Vintage Fashion Show. I know I got a lot of vintage fashion fans out there. I see you on Facebook, posting your pictures… strutting your stuff. Well, now it’s time to see a vintage fashion show in real lie, right in the desert! And for a good cause! Can’t go wrong with this one. Keep an eye open for more details.

9. Commercial Break: Youngins on their Grind. Best thing about being young and being in the desert is that there is plenty of time to be productive. All you have to do is – do it. Here are some videos from kids who have been using their time wisely.

10. Randoms. You never know what might catch my eye and end up on the blog…. the Internet is a crazy thing… what if one of you guys become an Internet sensation over night! Definitely would be random, and definitely would end up on the blog.

11. Things 2 Do Thursday. Man oh man are there events going off this weekend. It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Something to really remember your time by…. more info coming soon!