I found this flyer to this contest earlier this week in my Inbox and thought to myself, “hmmmmm, that’d be pretty sweet to see the CVAS blog in semi-gloss print.”
So, I am reaching out to all you readers out there to see if you could help a blogger out!
Obviously, as art/community journalists, we have respect and are inspired by other writers, print publications, and creative news sources… and Palm Springs Life is a definite source of inspiration as we grew up reading the publication on the regular.
And, I mean… come on.. who doesn’t want a “Best of the Best” award hanging in their office?
Alright, so, here is the link:

Since they don’t have a, “Coolest blogger ever” category, I am going for the
“Best NEW Thing in the Desert”.
I think something like a blog is something very “new”! A new way to think of new! If you must…

So, ya know… if you’re at work right now and need to do something that makes you look ultra busy, go on www.palmspringslife.com and give me shout out!!
Thanks guys!!