Say what?
Say no more… for the photo says a thousand words. And the kids over at Cathedral City High School are the ones speaking out.
The students in the DATA Di program at CCHS just completed a really great global collaboration project that just completed a book as a fundraiser for an AIDS orphanage in Malawi!
Matt Cauthron, Digital Imaging Instructor, informed me that, “Students in the DATA Di program at CCHS worked with 20 school in four countries to create the light painting imagery. We are trying to build more projects for the future. DATA Di has also been working with various professionals in the valley to provide cool learning experiences for students and am always looking for people to connect with for photography, graphics, etc.”
Pretty cool, right!?!
Check out some of the work that has been published. And make sure to look through the digital book and watch the videos that have been created by the students.
*photographic image created by Jessica Hernandez, “Austin and Elias”

DATA Di also participates in other, local, publications. Check out this excerpt I found on their blog, “DATA Di was once again apart of The Lion’s Quill, the Cathedral City High School arts and literary magazine. This was the 13th issue published by English teacher Donna Fitzgerald and her Creative Minds club celebrating the poetry, photography, drawing, and painting of CCHS students.” –

Victor Gonzalez, (Cover image) Think, Believe, Create

Jessica Hernandez, Split Image of Balboa

Super cool, right?!? Wish they had a class like this at my High School.

Great job guys!

To keep up on what the kiddos are up to and to purchase their book, please visit: