The secret recipe on how to turn Lemons into Tangerines:

1 cup of crazy
2 cup of boredom
2 cups of solitude
2 1/2 cups of used/ugly material
3 cups of rebellion

then, gently mix all of those (lemon-y) ingredients into a bowl with some of your more “tangerine-y” ingredients:

2 cups of drive
2 3/4 cups of passion
3 cups of paint/fabric/print/glue
3 1/2 cups of craftiness
and 5 cups of creative expression

after you mix all of the ingredients into a nice paste, keep going at it until you have an object of desire in front of you. then take the object and put it in the oven to give it that fire that it needs. by putting it in the fire it gives it extra flavors, if you must.
next, leave the creation out to cool for 30 seconds. might be a little too hot!
after creation has cooled, step back and admire all that you have done! and feel good about yourself because you have just taken a lemon, and made it into a tangerine.
last, and final step, is to take your tangerine and display it at the Tangerine Treehouse this Friday.

And that, my friends, is how you make Tangerines out of Lemons.
This Friday a group of friends are gathering to create an art experience.

This experience is called, “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Them Tangerine.” So come hungry. And get ready to feast your appetite on a wide variety of things, objects, pieces, feelings, and sounds that all make for a lovely, wholesome art experience.

Check out some sneak peaks of some of the art that will be featured at the show:

Artwork by Carlos Munoz, photo by Luisa Marielli

artwork by Ivan Martinez, photo by Adam Moore

ccollaborative piece, photo by Adam Moore

film from, our very own, Steven Preston

to find out more information on the event, either visit: