We have great news.

We just got word earlier this week that the Coachella Valley’s very own, Cristopher Cichocki, has been selected to be apart of the ROJO*NOVA exhibition at the MIS Contemporary Museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil this July!!
Cichocki will be departing the USA July 11th and will be stationed in Sao Paulo for 10 days as he sets up his installation. He will be working on producing site specific installations around the museum. The night of the opening, Cichocki will also be screening his video works in the theatre, along with playing to audiences in the mix of his live video composition performances.
What is even more notable, and not to go unnoticed, is the fact that the show that Cichocki has been asked to be apart of is not just any show… it’s a cultural event that will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of the MIS Museum. Now that, is history in the making.

If you are unfamiliar with this young and upcoming artist from the Coachella Valley, please, by all means get acquainted with him. The best place to start is by visiting his website, www.cristophersea.com.
Cichocki is definitely one to keep an eye on. his work is thought provoking and going places. We love it!
We are happy to have seen him develop even more over these past two years and now we watch as his art career takes off into bigger and bigger directions. Bravo! He is an inspiration to young artists and art enthusiasts of his community.

The Arts at Context is currently home to a Cichocki installation viewing at the moment:

Cristopher Cichocki, Root Source. Currently on exhibition at The Arts at Context in Indio,CA.

Cristopher Cichocki, Root Source

Cristopher Cichocki, Desert Abyss. Installation featured at the Mark Art Center at the College of the Desert Campus in Palm Desert,CA.

What is this show all about?

Introducing a new kind of creative event, open to public, which takes over MIS, Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo, Brazil, and presents live collaborated work in progress processes by more than 100 selected artists from around the world, featuring live art, music & audiovisuals; performances, video screenings, round tables, workshops and many unpredictable social consequences. 7 weeks of non-stop serious art fun. Only for the happy, the gifted, the curious and the open minded

®NOVA is an interactive, full-environmental experience utilizing color, light, textures, music and design, in the form of collaborative and integrated compositions by a wide range of artists from around the world. From hand-made illustrations to large scale murals to modern digital art; moving image to multimedia convergence, art will be made without the limitations or restrictions of traditional format and will rely heavily on the magic of live improvisation. During this constantly evolving and mutating exhibition, the creative process are to be witnessed as an ongoing work in progress rife with experimentation, challenging traditional and contemporary techniques and the bending of modern technology. ” – all information provided by www.rojo-nova.com

Who is behind this project?


ROJO® is an open independent creative consortium founded in 2001, dedicated exclusively to the promotion of the contemporary arts through its own medias. ROJO® creative headquarters are located in Barcelona (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil) and Milano (Italy). ROJO® generates cultural creative networks, developing and coordinating self-generated collaborative art projects and hosting exhibitions in the 20 associated art galleries which are part of the ®artspace network. ROJO® has done more than 600 events worldwide exploring different medias to generate creative encounters between artists.

ART unlimited

Art Unlimited has been working with cultural events since 1995. It has organized some of the best exhibitions shown in Brazil in recent years and has provided expertise to important national and international institutions, attaining recognition for its excellence. Art Unlimited has organized and presented many influential exhibitions in Brazil, such as: “Vertigem!”, by OsGêmeos; Kurt Schwitters “The Merz Artist”; and Henry Moore “A retrospective”. Each of these won APCA´s (São Paulo’s Art Critics Association) ‘best exhibition of the year’ awards in 2009, 2007 and 2006 respectively.

– all information has been provided by www.rojo-nova.com

Who are some of the other artists that will be featured?
This is an amazing line up! Some of my favorite contemporary artists will be featured. Make sure you check out the website, www.rojo-nova.com, to see the full lists of artists, descriptions, links, works, bios, and photos. I featured a few of my favorite below. Check ’em out!

Maya Hayuk (usa), www.mayahayuk.com

*side note: I got to actually meet and hang out with Maya a bit at the Democratic National Convention when I traveled with the Date Farmers to Denver to document their work for the Obama campaign. She did a photo booth installation for the art show, titled “Here is Now,” and the photos that we took in the booth still hang on my refrigerator today! So, I look at Maya’s art once a day. Love it.

Lucy McRae (netherlands), www.lucymcrae.blogspot.com

Modern Witch (usa), www.modernwitchmusic.com

Noriko Okaku (japan), www.norioka.net

Quayola (italy), www.quayola.com

Rebecca Ward (usa), www.rebeccasward.com

Once again, congratulations Cris!!

To find out more information on Cristopher Chichocki, please visit his website:


and to find out more information on ROJO*NOVA, please visit their website at: