That’s right boys and girls, even bloggers need a break!!
And when we take a break, we leave our computer at home and experience life for all that it is! Laptop free is the way to be.
In about a week we will be going on this vacation. And, just in case you care to know, we will be traveling up to Portland and Seattle! We are really interested in their art scene out there and are going to do a bit of research. While we are doing some research and observations we will be staying at the Ace Hotel (in both cities) and are really excited about that as well! And of course, we will be sharing our experience at the Ace with you all, you’re like our extended family! On the weeks following our trip up north we will be doing a little compare and contrast recap. It will be very interesting and fun. We are very excited!
So, if you have some events going on… some news that is vital to share… make sure you email it to me as soon as you can!!! JUNE 10th is the LAST DAY for blogging for I am gone for a week. So MAKE SURE you get your emails to me before that date!!! Thanks!
And yes, this is a one woman show, there is only one person who writes/runs/edits this blog, just in case you were wondering where the rest of the staff comes in.
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