Hey, you.

Yeah, you.
The one on the other side of the other side of the computer screen.
Are we friends on Facebook?
If not, we should be. (click here to be automatically directed to our page) Then, I will be able to check out your super hot pics and your astrological sign and see if you’re compatible with mine. Did I just say that? Wwhhoooooopss.
For those up on your internet etiquette, and we are friends on Facebook, you might have noticed that I recently changed my profile pic to a super sexy one. One that has tons of text in it. One that reads, “The CVAS Blog is going on vacation from June 12-19 and because there is only one person who runs the show, the blog will not be in service that week. Vacation = no computers!!”
Well, my friends, that week is next week.

1. Adios desierto, hola Ace. Friday is my last day in the desert before I depart (via Virgin Airlines) to Seattle. First stop in Seattle will be Ace Hotel to drop my luggage off. Couple days later, I will make my way to Portland. And it only makes perfect sense that I stay at the Ace up there as well. Not to fret!… of course I will be documenting my experiences and opinions on both. I will also be observing and getting inspired the art scene in both cities. See what’s out there that’s not down here, but should be. Since both Seattle and Portland are super progressive, artsy and all around fabulous… I am sure I will have plenty of material to work with and write about. Really looking forward to my first journalistic journey.

2. Food for Thought. Low on carbs, high on nutrition…. this week I serve to you a a golden platter some free Summer soundtracks and singles that will serenade you all the way through. Don’t thank me, thank your local DJ and music producer.

3. Dubstep in the Desert. Just when you thought the music epidemic was only running rampant in Los Angeles., you thought wrong. The dubstep virus is spreading like wild fire in the desert. TONIGHT at Space 120 in Palm Springs they light the match and spark the revolution.

4. Hussel. Hussel; the word formally known as hustle. Hussel, now and soon to be more commonly known as, the word to express the come-up of a young man’s professional skating career. Hussel; as in Jared Huss(el). Hussel recently made Skateboarding Mag and we nod our heads, tip our hats, and press play: “Money on his mind… hustlin’ all the time… all about da paper cuz… youngin’ on his grind” – Wiz Khalifa.

5. Get Outta Town. Take a one way trip to a foreign land for free via a free film at the Palm Springs Art Museum this Thursday. Also, make sure to check out the latest exhibit recently released while your there. And make sure to come back to the museum on Sunday because… what’s that I hear?… oh, did you say… it’s the second Sunday of the month? Score! That means it’s FREE for all to come. Air conditioning and art – two things I can’t live without.

6. Beefy Blog. Yum yum, eat it up. I love me a nice beefy blog to sink my teeth in. Whose got it going on this week in the blogesphere? We lay down the low down this week. Cheers.

7. Randoms. You never know what I might pull from my black top hats of tricks. I am known to pull a few surprises. Stay tuned in.

8. Things 2 Do Thursdays. This week we have a special, 2 for 1 deal going on. We share with you the updates for this week and next week (when we won’t be updating the blog because we’ll be on vacation) this week on the blog.