This is just a fun little post.
Just to bring attention to all the mentioning of the city, Palm Springs, all up in the airwaves recently.
Looks like we won over the hearts of not just old time actors, but finally modern day rap stars, once and for all. Mission accomplished.
Mega pop/rap artist such as Snoop Dogg, and upcoming indie act, SPEAK!, break Palm Springs off a slice of love on their latest and greatest summer bangers.

Check it out for yourself:

This is Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg’s newest track. So new, that there is only a “teaser” music video on Youtube right now, the full video is yet to be released. I first heard this song when they performed it for the first time at the MTV Music Video Awards. I was way more shocked hearing Snoop Dod shout out Palm Springs then Katy Perry’s blue wig. Whatevs, Katy… Snoop Dogg is the real gangsta.

Infinity Rap Bars w/ Speak from Erok (Ek5obition) on Vimeo.

This track, a summer banger, from one of my favorite upcoming indie rap stars SPEAK! (based out of our neighbor city, the Inland Empire) is hot like fire. In Speak’s rendition of mega blog buzzers Sleigh Bells’s Infinity Guitars single, he flips it to Infinity Bars, and just so happens to mention the Ace Hotel Palm Springs while he’s at it.

Hmmmm… could this have something to do with him attending our Doo Wop in the Desert event at the Ace this past February??? I think so. I spotted him there with not one, but three girls on his arms. Rap stars…

Anyways, point is, you can help but smile when you keep hearing your hometown shouted out over the airwaves…
they’re catching on.