No peaking, boys.

No teasing, girls.
Just take it off, strip it down. Dip in pool, then lay it out to dry.
There’s no point in trying to cover it up any more… summer is amongst us.
It’s that warm layer of air that’s all around us. (Which, practically feels like… being able to feel your own aura.)
It’s the air conditioning that isn’t working in your early 1980’s leather seated car.
And it’s definitely your sweaty back after you get out of your non-air conditioned car.
Now that I have all hot and bothered, feast your eyes on something really cool:

Reunion, by definition/symbolism means…. a return, a reuniting. And no, that’s not like a 10 year specific. In this case, it’s a weekly reunion. Just when you thought your iPod was all you needed in life, DJ Day makes you realize… shit, I don’t know shit.

M Modern gallery is having a super lovely, ultra sultry, mad vampy art show this Friday. And you know how their parties go… big, bold, and free cheese and wine. Yes.

Anyone out there got that one iPhone app that allows you to track down the radio frequency of a song to be able to read what song it is? Know what I’m talking about? Anyone???!!!??? That app, and I am sure you know which one I’m talking about…. I need that for Howie’s show, the man has tracks I have never heard of. Wowsa.

Mikey Reyes has been making some noise again in the desert scene lately. Right on. Mellow, chill, nice rhythm… gotta love it.

Schools out – but you still feel like feeling smart. Where to go? Bingo! Bingo with Rose Tattoo at Ace. In the Amigo Room… need I say more?..

The local hip hop scene strikes back. And some of our favorites are stirring up the stew. Witches brew. Come with your crew. Okay… I’ll stop. Only if you go.

Soooooooo glad it’s called “HA HA” and not “LOL”. BIG difference. Right? This looks pretty cool.

Thanks to all who continue to support, hate, love, regret, admire, click on, click away…. I appreciate it all. I have a surprise in the near future for you. It’s called… as Beyonce says best… “let me upgrade you…” That’s just a hint. Email me if you want more hints: