Hello, again!

And welcome back.

After being fresh off our vacation up to the great North West we feel one hundred percent rejuvenated.
For a whole week we inhaled and exhaled the cleanest air, ate nothing but local produce, sipped the nations best soy lattes twice daily, and used every mode of public transportation available.
It was beautiful to switch up a change of scene and lifestyle, even if it was for just a short amount of time.
Lucky for us, we were able to adapt quickly and soaked up inspiration just like we soak up sun rays back home. In fact, we practically felt at home. Seattle and Portland are two very welcoming cities that have a great local community, just like the Coachella Valley. The people are good looking, interesting, the quality of life is good, and everyone welcomes the newcomer. It was great. Please stay tuned in as we will be doing a little recap on the blog about our travels up north. You readers are like our extended family, no way could we exclude you from the experience.
In relation to travels, this week will be themed around Summer vacations and inspirational travel stories… something the Coachella Valley is very keen to. It’s part of the culture of living in the desert, right? People always going here to there during our summer months. It’s so fleeting and inspiring. Best thing about everyone leaving, is that they always come back. For good. Another great attribute about the desert… one that many rather not talk about. Haha.
Let’s leave all that on the back burner for now… this week, we have plenty to talk about.
Yo gabba gabba….

1. Our Trip up to the North West. Last week we traveled up to Portland and Seattle and stayed at the Ace Hotel in both cities and loved every minute of it. We are excited to share this experience with you, as you probably wonder what life is life at the Ace in other parts of the nation…. wonder no longer…

2. Big Wide World, Watch Out. Maggie Downs, one of our favorite Features Editors who we have been following for years via the Desert Sun, made front page of the Life section in the paper this Sunday to cover the story of her upcoming year long world wide exploration that will only be costing her $10,000!! And although a penny doesn’t really define the worth of what she will be experiencing, it sure is inspirational! For all the readers to the CVAS blog who don’t live in the desert or who didn’t get a chance to pick up a paper – I will share what I thought was most inspirational about the story here on the blog.

3. An Epidemic in New York. While everyone else out there was following the World Cup on TV, I was following Epidemic’s skateboarding trip to New York via Twitter and their blog. Just kidding, I did both – World Cup and Epidemic’s trip to NY. I’m a total jock, what can I say? More info and photos coming soon.

4. The Palm Springs Short Film Festival. Man, I have been attending the Palm Springs Short Film Festival for yyyeeeaarrrrsss now. It is seriously one of the best things about the Summer time in the desert. For so many reasons. The Short Film Festival is great for us attention deficit kids born in the 1980’s and 1990’s… as you watch a series of 2-10 minute films at a time. Almost like a great Youtube session!

5. Get Outta Town. If you are dying to see a good film, but are too broke to go to the PSSFF, then there is always the Palm Springs Art Museum option on Thursday evenings. They open their doors to all film fanatics alike for a free movie screening. Treat all your friends! Also, speaking of great video works as works of art, they have a brand new video art installation that I am so excited to go check out! I studies video art in college. Whoo hoo!

6. Something Old, Something New. This one goes out to all the musicians out there. You know how it is. Come Summer time in the desert all you wanna do is go inside and make your music. Well, in honor of that magic, we are dedicating a little post to some of the new bands, old bands, who are releasing music, doing shows, making noise.

7. Out of Town Bands Come Into Town This Friday! Just as people from the Coachella Valley take vacations out of town for the summer, people from out of town come in town to visit – this week, those people are up and coming punk bands from all over the country!! Yes, the young are here to terrorize. Just kidding, no terrorizing will be done – just creative expression. How punk rock is it to play in the desert in the summer – pretty punk rock if you ask me.

8. Light Shows. While the Electric Daisy Carnival takes place in Los Angeles this weekend, Perry Scanlon’s Free Light Show goes down at Ignition Coffee at the same time. Get a light show at the rave, or get a sound-responsive lights & lazors and experimental sounds in Palm Springs. Perry Scanlon is an upcoming light installation artist here in the desert that we have had out eye on for some time now… it’s great to see him finally break on through to the other side – a solo show.

9. Randoms. There is so much going on… we gotta be picky and choosy as to what actually makes it up. Always keep an eye our for randoms, because, well, they are random! Also, keep your eyes glued to the screen – we are revamping the website!!! Hooray! Finally!!

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. This weekend we got the flyest events to invite you to. The Coachella Valley’s art and music scene is alive and well…. definitely flourishing and kicking the summer’s ass. More to come….