Jumping music, slick deejays, fog machines and laser rays…

If we didn’t know Debbie Deb any better, we could have easily confused this song with being released in the 21st century and about a weekend in Palm Springs. More specifically, this weekend in Palm Springs.

jumping music: CHECK (see punk shows below)
slick DJs: CHECK (we always got slick DJs out here)
fog machines: CHECK (depends what kinda fog you’re talking about)
laser rays: CHECK (see the Free Light Show for more info)

Yo, we basically got it all this weekend. Whether you are ready for a mosh pit, ready to chill in the pool, ready to party at Joshua Tree’s Gay Pride event, or trip out at Perry Scanlon’s Free Light Show… it’s all here and the best part is that the most expensive show is $5. That’s that 1985 dollar amount that Debbie Deb must be happily singing about.

Lookout out weekend cuz here we come:

You know what it is… DJ Day is the smooth operator from Palm Springs. But, leave your play requests and bad day at work at the door, baby girl.

Pyro gonna set the night on fire.

Hay! Ghost Channel and I LOVE>

House party! And if you can’t read it, then read it and weep. It’s gonna get crazy, that’s all I got to say about this one.

This Saturday in Joshua Tree is a Gay Pride celebration! Thinking this just might be the party of the weekend?

Those Nuclear Youth kids…. what kind of flyer will they think of next? Gotta love it. I feel like it’s niche marketing and I’m their target audience. Gotta love ugly.

This is kinda like a new wave art show mixed with an experimental music show. Basically, it’s gonna blow your mind. Make sure to check out the interview I have with Perry tomorrow (Friday).

Dekreped! I love that band. They are so on top of it. If anyone deserves a shout it, it’s to David for always sending me the flyers. Thank you David! Now everyone go to his show or else.

Define California in one word: POOLSIDE. Be the best California Gurl you can be and sip gin and juice poolside this Sunday at Ace Hotel.


Have you seeeeeen Linda Fabulous? Well, if you haven’t laid eyes on this woman, or heard this woman sing, then you don’t know what fabulous is and you have been using it wrong for many many years. Get on your Fabulous game and go see what it’s all about this Monday at the Ace.

Well, that’s a wrap for the week! We will have more updates coming to you tomorrow, so stay tuned. And of course, thank you to everyone who continues to support the Coachella Valley Art Scene. We appreciate all the love. We have been working very very very hard to transfer all of the two years of blog content to a new server and reformat this whole website for you. yes, that’s right, you heard right; AN UPGRADE! We are upgrading the website after two years and it is no easy task! In a few weeks you will start to see the changes unfold right before your eyes. Big shout out to Ian Cush over at Zella Design for guiding me along the way and making it all happen!! Please email me anything you got: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com