Barbeques, Budweiser, Bikinis… oh my!

It doesn’t get more classic California, USA then a 4th of July weekend in sunny Palm Springs.
So, embrace it for all it’s worth.
There is culture to be celebrated in America, and whether it is a tad bit comical or not, it’s still a warm and fuzzy feeling that we all have been raised on.
This weekend the young and the restless of the Coachella Valley art community throw down all that they are made of. We celebrate a new independence that is definitely taking form out here in the desert for the art community. As you can see from the list of event flyers posted below; our future is fun, vibrant, and welcoming….
So, come on in! We’re expecting you.

*photo credit: Photographer – Jana Cruder, Stylist – abagail Keever, Production – kristen pfund LA, Production Assistant – Murbina LV, hair – Jen Kartsen LV, makeup – Whitney Urichuk One Luv Agency, models – Asia Taber, Elite Models LA, Amanda Mayfield – Ford Models LA, Tanisha Harper – Ford Models LA, Photo Assistant – Aeon Jones, Location – Amboy, CA

The grand finale of fireworks starts here:

DJ Day is the man with the Master Plan. This gig goes down every Thursday here in Palm Springs in the Amigo Room.
Consider this party a warm up party to the Saturday night show with the Entrance Band show. Build your immunity here before you embark in utter chaos abroad (Palm Springs). Free show, all going down at The Hood in Palm Desert.

At 5pm get you and your bad self down to the Palm Springs Skate Park to be apart of Epidemic’s Filming Fridays. You have a chance at free shoes.
After you go skate your heart out at the Palm Springs Skate Park, make sure to towel dry yourself off and make your way over to the backstreet art district in Palm Springs. They got a bunch of cool stuff going on over there, this event being one of them.
Then, after you do the whole artsy fartsy thing, go over to the Amigo Room to how DJ Howie Pyro set your heart on fire. Warm those hips up, baby. We got some dancin’ to do.

Saturday morning. What a better way to get to know the local scene then to go to a Yard Sale that is put on by some of the best young artists in our community? Here is where the gems of the desert shall be found. What is this whole… ‘Masterpiece Development Center?” I will let the kids there explain it to you, Please, check it out. Early bird gets the worm.
Later that night, you will probably catch all the artists that were slanging their gear at the yard sale here at this show. Well, actually, you might just not even get into this because it will be at maximum capacity. I am predicting a line out in front of J Dee’s. So, take these words of wisdom seriously… come early!!!! I am super excited for this show and will be documenting the night. please come say hello. I’d love to catch up and get a hug from you.
If you can’t get a ride out to Palm Springs for the ultimate psychedelic experience of a lifetime, then you can get pushed around in the mosh pits at this punk rock party in Coachella. Chiapas Drive? What?!? That’s pretty bad ass.
And let’s say that you are up in the High Desert and don’t plan on coming down the hill, then make sure you go to the Evaro’s show at Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown. Zero dollars. And tons of love. A great combo.

And, then, if you are not in the mood for anything psychedelic or punk rock, the next best option is dressing up as a superhero. Duh. Dressing up as a hero is probably one of the greatest, most empowering feelings on earth. I am so down for super powers, super egos, super amounts of fun. Hello! And it’s a benefit party.

Not sure if Glen if going to kill me over this next comment, but… everyone let’s bombard Epidemic for some free stuff, BBQ, and tunes by DJ Nagual.
Then, after you are all stuffed from free hot dogs and soda via Epidemic, head on over to the Ace for the fabulous tunes of DJ Victor Rodriguez. Party is gonna be poppin! Make sure you’re nice and shloshy before those fireworks.

Lucky for us, once we are sloshy, we don’t have to go far. Party is just around the corner in the Commune! Haaaaay. Mozie on over to check out Thomas who will Rub ‘n Tug, whoops, I mean from Rub ‘n Tug. Jeez. Okay, I’m going to stop now. Just go. We’ll be there for sure.
If the Ace doesn’t serve ’em up the way you want…. then J Dee’s Landing will. A hip hop show that is sure to bring in the old school homies from back in the day. All sorts of fireworks are gonna be going to be lit up here.

Monday night make sure to wind down with the mother of fabulous, Linda Fabulous. If you don’t know, you have got to find out what it’s all about. Seriously, best way to spend your Monday night.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have been reading… to all who have been sending me your flyers… to all who have been telling me all about your businesses/crafts/projects…. you all are apart of a movement out here. It’s a group of ‘artistic doers’ who are coming together and building some really great foundations to large, future, projects. I’ll tell ya, there is something beautiful starting out here and it’s because of you all. Have a great weekend and please be safe. Thank you! Email me something to set a firework off about: