Hello, everyone!

Hope you had a lovely July 4th weekend. This week, I urge you to take that festive spirit and continue to celebrate it all week long this week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog with me.
Three day weekends make for four day work weeks, which always equates to happy campers in the workplace.
Say what? A blogger’s workplace, you ask? Floating somewhere in the world wide web, typing out loud on my laptop for my virtual customers (a.k.a. you, the reader).
See, just when you thought your job was weird, out there, random… you learn about mine and realize how lucky you truly are.
This week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene our photographic memory flashes back before our eyes. Pictures, videos, and text… oh my! Recap upon Recap of events from this past weekend. Also, the Coachella Valley Art Alliance (our big brother) has an amazing fiesta in store for you that we can’t wait to blog about.
So, let’s get to it!….

1. Photographic Memory. You know how us artsy people are… give us a phone number, and in it’s one ear, out the other. Give us a situation, a place, a thing, and the photographic image stays in our mind forever. Well, that’s how we function over here on the other side of the computer. This week we flash back with photographic recaps of some of our favorite events from this past weekend.

2. Lucha Show! Yes, Lucha wrestling… The Coachella Valley Arts Alliance is hosting an amazing Lucha wrestling interactive art show this Saturday and we can’t even beeeegin to explain how excited we are to share that with you! We even have an official after party for you planned. Of course we would, right? It’s all going down at the Fiesta Mall in Indio. What! Where? Yeah, there. Get familiar with the venue, a lot more is to come from this once abandoned place…. you heard it here first.

3. Band Camp. Once upon a time there was this great little website called… Myspace. Myspace was this great place where anyone could upload their music and become and overnight sensation out of, or just upload their craft and let all their friends know how talented they were. Well, the days of Myspace are somewhat long gone and now the days of BandCamp are here to save the day for all musicians. Recently, I have came across some pretty cool desert bands who have uploaded their music onto this website that I’d like to share with you all. Once again… music to sooth the soul during these hot summer months. Enjoy.

4. Beefy Blog and An Awesome Etsy. The term I created, ‘Beefy Blog’, might come off as too masculine for some. And not even close to definable for others. For instance, I am a HUGE fan of DIY arts and crafts. Craftsters don’t just have blogs to showcase their work and latest updates, they have Etsy pages. So, this week I will highlight my Beefy Blog of the month and I will also bring attention to some of my favorite Etsy-ers of the Coachella Valley. (pssst! If you are an etsy person, send me your link!!! thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com for my facebook!)

5. Amigos de la Amigo. Nothing better than ‘a friend of a friend’, right? Well, this week DJ Day brings his super talented friend, Exile, to rock the turntables… or better yet, beat machine with him. Actually, to be honest, sometimes I don’t really know what is going musically besides the fact that it sounds amazing. Sometimes, that’s all you need to know though, right? The show goes down tomorrow, Thursday in where else but the Amigo Room at the Ace Hotel.

6. Get Outta Town! This week the Palm Springs Art Museum is traveling to Algeria and they are willing to take you with them… for FREE! Traveling via film that is. Yes! You guessed it. It’s about that time of year when the Palm Springs Art Museum opens their doors for all to come and hang out with them Thursday evenings for their free foreign films series. Nothing better than traveling the world at the seat of your chair in an air conditioned room….

7. Commercial Break. At the moment, The Coachella Valley Art Scene doesn’t have any advertisements. BUT!, we do have Commercial Breaks. And our Commercial Breaks rule. We dig through the Internet and find the most inspirational videos about the desert that we can. Who knows… yours might just be next.

8. Randoms. So much going on, so much that I can barely even predict. Things come up at the last minute that are very blog worthy. Sooo, stay tuned in! Subscribe. Follow us on Twitter. be our friend on Facebook. Ya know… stay in touch!

9. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Again, such a wide variety of events going on this weekend…. you guys should be proud of yourselves. The desert is home to some true music and art connoisseurs.

Something going on that I don’t know about?… well… email me then! thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com or Facebook invite me, I check every single one.