Va va voooooooooom!!!

After a long heard week of keeping steady on your hustle, there is nothing more rewarding than a lovely night out. That’s right, it’s time to unwind and ease your mind.
This weekend doesn’t just offer you musical performances….. no, it offers you more. It offers top-notch hip hop on Thursday night at the Ace. The new weekly in town, Downtown, kicks off this Saturday also in the Amigo Room. Downtown is a new night that stirs up a new sound for a new audience. Sound intriguing? It sure is. On Sunday afternoon, the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance presents their performance art event… Lucha Libre Wrestling! Definitely something worth bragging about to all your co-workers who stayed at home because they don’t read the Coachella Valley Art Scene and don’t know all the super cool things going on around town.
So, treat yourself to something new…

If I had to make a list of my top 10 hip hop producers of the moment, DJ Day and Exile would definitely be on that list. That’s saying something. Top notch talent. And nothing but the


Don’t forget Friday evenings with Epidemic at the Palm Springs Skate Park!! Word is the park is open later hours for the summer months. Go take advantage of it while you can..

After you skate around, come by the Ace to listen to Howie Pyro ‘cuz he’s da bomb!!!

We have a downtown, yet, we don’t really have that “Downtown nightlife feel”… yet. The Ace Hotel (Amigo Room) X Alf Alpha are here to jump start a new weekly at the Ace! Downtown. Think Amigo Room, but less sitting and more dancing. FREE for all. ‘Cuz we love ya!

Found this on the Internet. And don’t ask me how, it’s just one of those things. Not sure who the DJs are, or what this is all about, but, if you like this kinda night out in the desert… well, here it is.

LUCHA LIBRE WRESTLING in Indio at the Fiesta Mall!!??!! Hello, that is awesome! A performance art piece brought to you by the likes of The Coachella Valley Arts Alliance. In addition to a great show, there will also be great art!! Make sure to scroll down the blog to get more info!
Okay, another event at the Ace, but really whose counting? Besides, at this one, you wear barely anything, so maybe nobody will notice ya. Reup on some hangover beverages and become one with the sun. Life is good in Palm Springs, yes it is…

She might be more fabulous than you. If you go on Youtube and dig hard enough you can find some really great videos of her singing her heart out. Gotta love that, and you gotta love those iconic eyeglasses of hers.


Yeah! The hip hop scene is climbing back to their thrown. This Tuesday make sure to come out to J Dee’s Landing to support your local hip hop scene. Word.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come on the blog this week. We appreciate the love. And to show you how much we love you, we probably went on your Facebook page too. Oh, just kidding!!! Geeeeez! No, but really, we are thankful for everyone one of you supporting our movement. But, actually, we are all in this together, right? I have been mad crazy busy over here lately, so I haven’t had the time to blog about everything I wish I could… so, if you really want me to take note of something, please email me and I will see what I can do for ya!