Mid July, how I love you so…

You get it so hot and steamy with your 110 degree temperatures mid day, and, you manage to keep it heated until the wee hours of the night.
A sweaty, sexy, summer love if I ever did have one.
There’s nothing better than us, poolside. Sipping iced sweet tea vodka and gazing deep into each other’s sunglasses. Your reflection in mine, mine in yours…
What would I do with out you?
To live in a world of only cold, 50 degree temperatures, is a life I rather not live. What’s life without my bikini? Without the scent of sunblock? Without you…
I love you, Mid July, I do.
I swear.
What it do, it’s the weekly with Day, baby boo.

Oh, Howie Pyro, how we love you so. You got soul, and everybody knows. You the bomb diggity, no doubt.
My brother from another mother, www.EastofLA.com, is throwing a party at The Fox Theater in Pomona and I thought it would be cool to invite some desert kitty cats to it. Meowwww….

Hey, so, if you missed last week make SURE to come this SATURDAY!! Last weekend was such a hit they asked Alf Alpha to come back for round two!!!! So, make sure to get out here!

And if you don’t go to Ace, then come here. Cuz this will be just as cool.

Me and Mid July have a date here. Watch us bake in each other’s glory poolside.

Define fabulous. Nope – wrong answer. Linda is fabulous. Take notes.

Sleepy Sun at Pappy’s on Saturday
Ubiquity Records Friday and Saturday at Ace

Exodus Friday at Pappy’s and Saturday at The Trop

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