High end fashion.

To some, the term is thought of as expensive clothing. But, to us desert dwellers, high end fashion takes on a whhoooole other meaning. When we say, ‘high end,’ we are referring to that higher end of the thermometer. You know… when the temperatures are past 100, and feel like they are going on 200? Yeah, that’s when we bust out our ‘high end fashion.’ Which, mostly consists of white cottons, shorts, bathing suites, straplesses, and sandles. That’s the desert’s high end fashion for you!
But of course, never mind the photo above of the two lovelies sitting poolside at the Ace in their… what seems to be… New York’s high end fashion.
This is Palm Springs, baby – take it all off!!!
Off, off and away we go…

You know what time it is. That’s right, it’s time to rock with DJ Day and DJ Aimlo.

This Friday and Saturday night chill out with your chillest music label, Ubiquity Records. They will be making Ace the place this weekend. DJ Day one the ones and twos!

There are some new cats in town who are looking to throw some events and create some culture. Right on. This Friday is their debut production at Pappy and Hariette’s in Pioneertown (not a bad place to start). The night will feature all young local musicians and will then be brought down to the lower desert the following night (at the Trop, right next to the Ace)
First and foremost; shout out to Andy Lara. Are you reading this Andy? We LOVE Andy Lara because he was the VERY FIRST person to ever leave a comment on The Coachella Valley Art Scene TWO YEARS AGO. That says something about him – that is downright AWESOME. So, with that being said, Andy obviously has impeccable taste and knows his stuff and therefore you should go to his show featuring his new band, Virtue Oso. Oh, and follow Andy on Twitter because it’s great: www.twitter.com/undresslara
New spot in Indio!!! Yay. Those dirty punk kids are at it again. Show ’em what the East side of the valley is all about guys.

Get high as you want to at the High Desert show to be at this weekend. Seriously. It’s a campout, so bring your tent and toilet paper.
If I told you once, I told you twice, Ubiquity Records will be at the Ace playing nice.
Come check out what all the youngsters, future Desert dwellers of tomorrow, are up to the new venue… The Trop, located inside the Tropicale in Palm Springs.
Head East down the valley and you will find Soul Opus rocking out at the Tack Room Tavern. Home of Coachella Fest… le sigh.

Get there. Get naked. As naked as you can in public, that is….
Later that night, Ace tips their hats to all who get tipped! It’s industry night. Come and talk crap about all the bad tippers of the town. Did I just say that? Nobody tips bloggers, so screw them all. jk.


A Diva is, as a Diva does. Go Diva, or go home.

Guess who’s back in the house? The house heads are. Considering it’s a scene that will never die, it’s no surprise.

Thank you all for visiting The Coachella Valley Art Scene once again. Your continued love, support, and interest in our arts community is very welcomed and respected. No matter how near or far you may be, believe it or not, we are all in this together. Please email me if you have something cool to bring to the table. I’m always hungry: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com