Did you get a chance to check out the beautiful Full Moon this weekend?


But, did you get a chance to communicate with the Full Moon?
I did.
The Man in the Moon was whispering words of insight in my ear all night long.
He is very wise. He sees everything that is typically dark, from a lighter perspective.
This week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog inspiration from to the words that he whispered in my ear are shared with all of my readers.
We will explore all things beautiful, bold, and typically hard to find. More so, a focus on all the little things in life (the Coachella Valley) that matter.
We even share with you a bit of insight of how much the Moon and the Internet have in common. For example, things that once existed in the dark now have a little light shined on them, causing attention and admiration to the things that nobody ever bothered to look at because they were possibly too difficult to discover.
I guess what it all comes down to is the fact that casting light on things in the dark is what what a blogger just naturally gravitates to.
Gravity, gratuity, and all things gravy:

1. Wednesday Night Rendezvous. This is a new feature to the blog that has popped up recently due to a new flux of good quality shows on Wednesday nights around town. These are great shows that bring you out of the house when you would typically be bored at home and on my blog (wait – did I say that?). Instead of getting lost in the world wide web every Wednesday, you can now get lost in the limelight.

2. Clutchy Hopkins. A desert gem. A desert mystery. A desert musician. A desert phenomenon. A story worth sharing.

3. Native American Textiles. I find so much inspiration behind Native American art, culture, lifestyle and wisdom. Truly beautiful, every bit of it. The Palm Springs Art Museum has a new exhibit up, Native American Textiles. A must to experience.

4. Get Outta Town: Serbia. Travel to eastern Europe this week with the Palm Springs Art Museum’s free weekly foreign film. More info in a little…

5. Happenings from the Fleetings. A couple pretty epic events went down this weekend, come back on the blog to see who, what, where, when and why.

6. Beefy Blog. Who has the beefiest blog of them all???? We show you our favorite blog of the month. Mega beefy.

7. Explorations of the Desert. Beautiful, sincere, delicate… photos only a Libra could take. More from our secret photographer of the month.

8. Futurefantasticism. What’s the future hold? What’s fantastic about it? We hold the future in the palm of our hands. I have a few events coming up, a few new announcements coming up, that I cant wait to share with you all. Why? Because they are fantastic!

9. Commercial Break. Planes, trains and automobiles replaced by Hearts, Heroes, and Heavy weights.

10. Randoms. Can’t say I know it all, even though it feels amazing to say ‘I know it all.’

11. Things 2 Do Thursday. Party time, excellent.