Hello everyone.

Hope you had a good weekend.
I did.
I got to meet up with some of my CVAS co-workers. Mind you, the term ‘co-workers’ has a very different meaning in the blogesphere than it does in the office cubical world.
‘Co-workers’, in the Coachella Valley Art Scene world, can be defined as something like a ‘critical thinking and amazing ideas contributors to the creative project’ team.
It’s a small team over here: one girl, two boys. One Pisces, a Virgo, and an Aries. Currently seeking a Libra. Just kidding. Kinda.
Anyways, this weekend the hot topic of conversation was what does having all this information and data provided by the CVAS really mean???
For example, we questioned what do all these party fliers mean?
What do these links to all these bands mean?
What do all these free films and open mics mean???
What are we really trying to say and promote?
After the hot topic had the go-around, we came to the conclusion that the Coachella Valley Art Scene is promoting the physical world. Real events that are happening in real time for a real community of real people who really just want to meet other people who are just as real as them.
These fliers (aka invitations) should be interpreted as encouraging words for you. We encourage you to go beyond the Internet’s world wide web and take a giant step into the physical dimension called… reality.
The real world really isn’t that bad, as long as you know where to go. Right?
The theme this week on the blog embraces all that is real in a physical sense. All that we believe in – community.
Without a real, physical community (screw your facebook community, just kidding – gosh!) then you have nothing. You then you just live in a place where you eat, work, and buy stuff. Kinda gross.
Create your physical world, it’s all that’s gonna matter when 2012 hits. (Just kidding. Don’t hold me to these 2012 speculations. I may be superstitious, but I’m not a pessimist.)
Just a few physical fun things this week:

1. We are going to Burning Man. Burning Man you ask? Yes, Burning Man. We will be there from August 30th-September 4th. This means the blog will NOT BE IN OPERATION that week. We will be going there for inspiration to bring back to all of you. The more inspired we get, the better this blog gets. Plus, I’m a Pisces, and I thrive off of inspiration. Okay, enough astrology talk today, but really – I’m serious. I can’t wait to bring back some amazing ideas and life concepts for you. Especially because starting in October we are going to start throwing our big annual parties (Halloween, Something From Nothing, Doo Wop in the Desert, PSXPS and many more)! And I need tons of inspiration to make those extra special for you. Oh, and if you don’t know what Burning Man is, then all I can tell you is “Google.com”. Search away. More info later this week.

2. Wednesday Night Rendezvous. This is a new feature on the CVAS and it’s one of my favorites. Why? Well, because I am extra happy to have to make a new blog post because so many cool things are happening almost every day of the week in the desert now. That’s exactly what we set out to inspire here, and it’s so amazing to see it come to life. Cheers to all you community organizers out there, to all your performing artists, to all you family and friends who continue to support – this post is for you.

3. Get Your CRAFT On. Ever want to make your own zine? Your own wallet? Your own journal cover? Your own earrings? Your own rings? Your own anything-you-can-think of? And have you ever wanted to just do it for free???? Well – now is your chance. This Saturday afternoon the CVAS and the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance, SCRAP Gallery, and Fiesta Arts are all teaming up this Saturday at the Indio Fashion Mall to bring you all the supplies you need. All you got to do is come. It’s that easy. More info coming to Facebook invite near you.

4. An Awesome Etsy! Speaking of crafts…. this week we present to you the first ever, “An Awesome Etsy”. It’s a post to entice all of our most artsiest and craftiest out there. Zula Rose is our first ever Etsy featured on the CVAS and we are so happy to brag/blog about it. This is sure to give you all the inspiration you need to get creative. And, don’t forget to bust out that piggy bank and support a sister. More information on what the heck Etsy is, who Zula Rose is, and why you would get so much inspiration from her coming up shortly…. so stay tuned!

5. INTERVIEW: Biz Lizard. There is this guy around town who is all about punk rock music. He’s not just like… “into it”, he’s a mover and a shaker in the scene. He books punk bands from all over the United States just to inspire all the young ones in the up and coming local scene of today. This week, that guy, Alex Callego of Daily Dares & The Ghost Channel, interviews a local punk band from around town…. Big Lizard. What does one punk ask another? Stay tuned for all that.

6. Sounds of the Desert: A Night at the Amigo Room with DJ Day and Thes One. The funk and nothing but the funk so help me G*d. Amen! This download will seriously brighten your day. It’s absolutely beautiful. And the best thing about it… it’s a live recording from a warm summer night in the Amigo Room on a Thursday evening in Palm Springs. So good. So so good.

7. High-Five Ya’ll. I just want to take the time to congratulate our local band, Dreamcatcher, for landing their latest and greatest gig at the Free For All Festival in Los Angeles on August 15th. Not only am I super hyped that a band from the Coachella Valley will be there representing what community is all about, but the CVAS will also be providing arts and crafts for all the concert goers to have at it (for FREE). So, let’s do the math – Dreamcatchers on stage and CVAS Art Studios in the crowd – can we say that the Coachella Valley will definitely be in the house or what!?! How rad is that? Super rad. High five you guys. It was a community effort. More info later skater.

8. Get Outta Town! This week the Palm Springs Art Museum opens up their doors to you and yours not just on Thursday, but also on Sunday! Free film and art for all!!! This Thursday they invite you to travel to foreign lands, and on Sunday they invite you to explore your native land. More info on exactly what’s out there coming soon.

9. Randoms. Randoms could mean anything… this could mean I’m going to post some gnarly Youtubes of things based in and around the Coachella Valley, this could could mean I’m going to post some really cool Explorations of the Desert, or this could mean a million other things… hence the name, “Randoms”. To see what cool stuff I find of the desert, stay tuned into the blog. Twitter and Facebook are the best ways to ‘in the know.’

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. You know how we do it – we love to party! That’s what the desert is made for, right??? We would never spare you the opportunity to party. So get ready to get down with your bad self!