Do you know about
Are you aware of the movement?
If you answered “no” to the two questions above, then let me fill you in.
For beginners, a website that is similar in comparison to is They are both an online store that allows for individual parties to buy and sell goods online.
What makes Etsy unique from Ebay is that you only sell goods that you (the seller) hand make yourself.
Wait, think about that for a second:
Hand made goods.
When was the last time you bought something that was truly hand made? Not from a store, not from China, but created from the hands of a young creative entrepreneur.
By purchasing hand made goods, you support people who aspire to have a career that is based around making things. Making things involves thinking outside the box and actually working with your hands… something that most people don’t get an opportunity to do everyday, which is a shame. Plus, when you buy a hand made good from someone, it connects you to the seller on a more personal level. When you can see their craftsmanship, their time well spent, their adorable mistakes and the genius in their design, you respect it more and value your dollars spent on a different level.
This, eventually, helps to create a new movement, a new economy.
With that being said, I present to you a new feature on the Coachella Valley Art Scene…

An Awesome Etsy
featuring Zula Rose
Zula Rose is a doll. She lives here in the Coachella Valley and has an awesome Etsy. Zula specializes in found and made goods that always have a little Zula fairy dust sprinkled on for extra flair. Featured below are a few of my personal favorites from her online store.
Make sure to click on her link and check a girl out. If you need some new jewelry, some new art for your walls, and/or some disco heels, look no further. Support a local craftster and keep your money in your community.
Crafty, Creative, and from the Coachella Valley….
Artist Statement:
Hello and welcome to my shop where you will find unique handmade jewelry in modern and vintage styles, random thrift scores that I just couldn’t pass up and original pieces of art.

Most things are one of a kind, however with earrings I might be able to make a few pairs because I take apart vintage necklaces for the beads. I call these the sister sets.

I am quite happy to make custom orders so feel free to message me. I usually update my shop on the weekends so check back sometimes.” – Zula Rose

check out these adorable pieces:
i really love this art piece she included in her shop:
here is a little combination of accessories that I thought would make for a great night out on the town.
those disco shoes are too serious!!!:

to find out more about Zula Rose and her cool crafts, please visit: