Power to the party people.

You can either sit like a bump on a log (or rock) or you can get out there and shake things up a bit. Pump your fists a bit. Throw back some stiff drinks a bit. And laugh, a lot.
Whichever way your swagger sways in the process of getting down to the fun, the fantastic, and that fight for your right to party… so be it.
Do your thing.
And do it 100%.
Just do you.
But, this weekend, we ask you to bring you to the second power. Amp it up a bit.
Just a bit.

Fist pumping parties…
DJ Day knows how to DO (cough, future Do Over DJ sesh, cough) it right.
Reggae Night…. you know what that means boys and girls….

Shout out to David! He always sends me his flyers right on time and is the homie. Ok, the show is not in the Coachella Valley, but the homies from Coachella Valley are going to be there so you should be too. r e p r e s e n t.

One of my life long goals is to be a girl on a night club flyer. Don’t act like that’s not yours too. To possibly be the next girl on the flyer, show up at Space 120 on Friday for some sweet electro sets from your local DJs and incomers, and it just might happen. Flashing… Lights…

It’s a sweaty punk party!!!!! Enough said.

Howie – we missed you!! Love always, Palm Springs
Um helllooooooo, people. This is where you dance and shake that booty and don’t have to listen to top 40. Where else can you get that around here?

“We were chillin’ in the park… waitin’ for the sun to go down…” Lighter shades of brown, and all shades of browns and bronze can be found here… pool side.

T.G.L.F = Thank God Linda’s Fabulous!!!!!

Screw American Idol, it’s all about Ace Karaoke… where real stars are born.


Mood Pieces by Abstract Tribe Unique has to be one of my favorite top 50 albums. So, don’t miss this show – ultra chill hip hop. Best way to have it served up.

And if you don’t go hip hop, go punk rock!!! Down the street but never down and out.

Thank you all for another eventful week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene. We appreciate your support, your kind words, and your free time. We promise to keep pumping this blog out – one week at a time – but do know that we will be going to Burning Man for the week of August 30th – September 6th and won’t have access to internet so we can’t blog. If you are an event organizer of any kind, make sure to email me your list of events before August 28th! Gracias! Email me at thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com.