When it comes to blogs, everyone has their own way they like ’em served. Some like them well done… a.k.a. straightforward to the point, perfect grammar, very direct, etc. Others like them rare. a.k.a. a post here, a post there, just a photo here, no text, barely any content. Me? I like mine medium rare… a.k.a. lots of personality, photos, text, and video. It’s not just fulfilling, it’s juicy. Chop lickin’ good!

I recently came across my new favorite blog in town, The High Desert Art Beat. What I like most about The High Desert Art Beat is that is has so much character and flavor. It’s a great way to get not just an ‘inside scoop’ on the Hi Desert’s art scene, but actually get an intimate portrayal of the individuals through the Art Beat’s blog posts and commentary. What’s even cooler then their coverage is that even though you can only look at these spaces/venues via your computer screen at the present moment, one day soon you will actually be invited in to each and every one of these artist’s studios. This is due to the fact that this blog is a project to promote the upcoming HWY 62 Art Tours! The Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council puts on the HWY 62 Art Tours and for a couple weekends out of the year they organize a DIY festival-of-sorts that allows you the opportunity to visit art studios and galleries all along HWY 62, from Morongo Valley to Joshua Tree.

I have been attending the Art Tours 2010 for years and it is definitely one of the most interesting and quirkiest things to do in the desert. My favorite part is always meeting the artists and being able to tour their studios for an intimate, one-on-one experience with each person…. something like The High Desert Art Beat’s blog, but in real life.

Just like a summer’s breeze, or a medium rare beefy burger served just the way you like, the blog is a refreshing bit of wholesomeness.

Check out some of my favorite photos from The High Desert Art Beat’s blog, and make sure to pay a visit yourself.

Also, look into attending the Art Tours – it’s pretty rad. www.mbac.org

This mystical place, Joshua Tree, is famous for being home to many artists. Living in Joshua Tree allows artists to create their own space, get a piece of mind, and afford really amazing art studios.

Check out a collection of some of my favorite photos from the blog. On their website, along with each photo comes a story, so MAKE SURE to visit the site to get the whole reason why this is so great and quirky.

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