Organic Junk Fude.

Let’s take a moment to give a little recognition to a band from a couple years ago that was definitely ahead of their time. Round of applause to Organic Junk Fude for their outrageousness.

It’s so great when that happens… you know, when an artist, or a movement, or an individual is just like… ‘outta of this world’, in a sense. However weird or outlandish they may seem at the moment, if it is art then it is truly timeless. But really the best part is when those who understand their movement while it is in active pursuit get to experience the glory and genius of it with them. Making you, the artist, and everyone else who ‘gets it’ in on the movement together.

This weekend, next weekend, and all the other weekends from here on out get in on a movement. Realize that attending an art show, music show, poetry reading isn’t just giving into your Facebook invite or boredom – no, it’s you taking the time to look, listen, absorb and learn all that you can. This is your community, your culture, your movement, and your time.

So whether you are old school, new school, or dropped out from school…. show your support and build!

*yes, that is Alex of The Ghost Channel in the photo. He was a member of OJF for a short period of time. Super random fact of information for ya!

We are all in this together:

Special guest feature to DJ Day’s weekly at the Ace… JPatron! JPatron has been in the scene for a minute. I have been definitely following him over the years and continue to give him props today. Get a chance to check out the release of his latest project.
You know how the Hight Desert doe sit. Funky, folky, with a splash of freaky. Step into the realm of the unknown, also know as Pioneertown for this show.
If funky, folky, and freaky doesn’t do it for you… then electro, house and remixes might. Space 120 gets all the hunnies.
And just when you thought you were gonna go home for the night, Howie Pyro comes to town and promises sweet dreams of psychedelic R&B that you can’t say no to.


Every Saturday night it’s DISCOTHEQUE at the Amigo Room! Holla!!! This, my friends, is where you go to hear some really rare indie disco house. Bounce for that ounce of yours. 😉

Get to the pool party early so you can still make your way out to…. (see flyer below)…
An LA show on a Coachella Valley Art Scene blog!?!?! Yes, we post this specific show due to the amazing fact that one of our hometown bands, Dreamcatcher, will be playing and The Coachella Valley Art Scene is organizing The Coachella Art Studios (an interactive arts and crafts installation). So… even though the party might be taking place in Echo Park, it’s sure gonna have that warm desert vibe to it. All Angelinos who read the blog, you should go and check it out. For realz, yo.
Linda Fabulous > Beyonce. Yeah, we said it!

Ummm…. hello, this is a no-brainer. As it should be when I’m on the mic (there is a reason as to why I’m a blogger, not a party rocker).

Thank you to all who continue to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene! We seriously appreciate all the positive feedback, the encouraging emails, the love that is poured down on us. It’s mutual and we appreciate everything. This week we have been out of town since Wednesday! We were invited to take our Coachella Art Studios on the road to Denver, CO to share our culture with the Mile High Music Festival this weekend. It has been an exciting time for us and glad we can still have the ability to blog while on the go. That’s what it’s all about… staying true to the game. See you soon – I’m homesick already. You can take the girl out the desert, but ca’t take the desert out the girl.