Welcome back to another week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

On this end of the computer we can report that we have been very busy! We have many projects and travels in the works for the month of August. Just a few to name are: a website revamping (upgrade!), travels to Burning Man for inspiration, traveling to Denver, CO to put on our Art Studios (and spread some 760 love) at the Mile High Music Festival, and the release of our limited edition t-shirt summer line, and much more. We have been working on all of these projects for a couple months now, and it is great to finally see them all come to fruition during the month of August for us.
And how convenient, right? All this happening in the hottest month of the year? Go figure.
Anyways, with all this going on this end of the computer, sometimes we don’t have enough time to post all that wish for your viewing pleasure on your end of the computer. Since this is a one woman operation, sometimes the going gets tough. But, that’s when the tough get going.
This week is short and sweet. As we return from Colorado, prepare for DISCOTHEQUE this Saturday, and Burning Man the weekend following this upcoming one… we gotta keep it that way to maintain our sanity. I need to be a little sane if I plan to write to you. A crazy blogger can never be a good thing!
This week we revisit and recap some past community events, talk about some future ones, and put a magnifying glass over the progress of some of our favorite artists around town. Plus, we provide you a few surprises…. the kinds we are most famous for.
This week we supply you with information about the following fantastic features:

1. Recap of the Past. The Coachella Valley Art Scene recently hosted an arts and crafts workshop at the Indio Fiesta Mall with the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance and Fiesta Arts a couple weeks ago, attended a punk rock show at the Amigo Room, and traveled to Denver, CO to lay the smack down on Coachella Valley art’s culture. All this, and much more, will be shared with you this week on the blog. Make sure to back into your favorite station throughout the duration of this week!

2. Wednesday Night Rendezvous. This once started as something small, and now has turned into it’s own powerful force of nature. Wednesday nights in the Coachella Valley will never be the same. Almost comparably more ‘poppin’ then a Friday or Saturday night, Wednesday nights are busy busy busy for the party bee’s. More info on who, what, when, where and why coming soon!

3. DISCOTHEQUE. It’s a party that ALF ALPHA is DJing at, THE COACHELLA VALLEY ART SCENE is promoting, and ACE HOTEL is hosting. A match made in heaven, right? If we were all astrological signs we would have the planets going nuts on how good we all match up. We, The Coachella Valley Art Scene, only co-sign on events that we think are fun…. so, take our word and come party it up with us. We will also be debuting the limited edition release of first collaboration project with the DATE FARMERS x ALF ALPHA x THE COACHELLA VALLEY ART SCENE. We got a really shirt in store for you that you can’t buy anywhere where else… but from my hands! So, come see what all the fuss is about! It all goes down this Saturday, from 10pm-2am, and is free for all. Hope to see you there.

4. Cinephilia. Cinephilia is a new film series that is starting up this week at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Have no fear, the cost to attend these screenings are still free. Instead of a theme of travel, these new batch of films are based around the concepts of ‘Post War Auteur Essentials”. I love it already. And I think you will too. More information coming soon.

5. Artist Follow Up. There are a couple amazingly talented young, professional, artists around town who have big projects going on for them at the moment. This is very exciting as we love to watch artists develop right in front of our eyes! Especially ones that The Coachella Valley Art Scene has been following on the blog for years! We will fill you in on who is doing what, and where it’s going down.

6. Updates & Upgrades. The Coachella Valley Art Scene has been working diligently to provide you all with a new platform to better navigate through our website with. Blogspot, we love you, but you’re kind old school. We have been programming a multi-function website for the blog that leaves our humble days of just one column behind. This is what you call development and progression! And we are ultra excited to share it with you all!

7. Collaboration #1. The Coachella Valley Art Scene has a few great surprises in store for you. These surprises that we are really excited about are less of things that you can only read on the internet, and more about things that you can actually hold in your hands. Really grasp on to them and even sweat in the them. These are tangible items to remember our site by and represent your hometown’s art community by. These, my friends…. are called shirts. Stay tuned to see who we have linked up with and what projects are in store.

8. Commercial Break. Watch, look, listen, and learn…. there are many amazing videos in and about the Coachella Valley on the internet that give a more in depth look at what we are all about. My favorite finds of the week are shared with you all every week via the Commercial Break post. The official boob tube of the 760.

9. Randoms. Oh you know… the internet is so crazy… you never know what I’ll discover at the last minute and have to share with you all in a split second. So stay tuned, because it would suck to be the only one who doesn’t know.

10. Things 2 Do Thursday. Basically, when you see the phrase, “Things 2 Do Thursday” you know it’s an online map/guide to some of the raddest parties around town. Best thing is, Things 2 Do Thursdays spans from Thursday all the way till Tuesday! Never a dull moment over here…