Hello and welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

As you may have heard by now – next Sunday we are taking off to BURNING MAN!

And just as a reminder, while we are out there (in the middle of nowhere) we will not be near any Internet connection or computers. This means the blog will be put on pause that week + 1/2. We want to be able to fully soak up all the creativity and inspiration that Burning Man has to offer (and the fact that we won’t have Internet connection makes it hard to blog as well).

Have no fear though, rest easy knowing that by having your local art bloggers attend a festival such as Burning Man that it can only benefit you and your community. What we learn there will be shared and experienced with all of you… in more ways then one. Cheers to sharing inspiration!

So, with that being said, this week is basically like a 2 for 1 deal! We will be covering this week’s events and cool things going on next week as well. The ‘next week’ events might be scaled back a bit, but we will give you the basic food groups you need to survive an active art lifestyle – don’t worry. We wouldn’t leave you hanging.

1. Tangible Merchandise. Yes, it’s here! The Coachella Valley Art Scene has released our first collaboration with some of our favorite artists. These artists in particular, Date Farmers and Alf Alpha, we the two inspirations to starting this blog two years ago. So, we thought it would be only appropriate if we started out our first collaboration project with the people who first inspired us. We provide you with pictures, links, and prices in a few.

2. INTERVIEW: Glen Coy of Epidemic. There is a man around town who has been holding down the Coachella Valley’s skate scene for the past… hmm… 9 years! Glen Coy is the owner/operator of Epidemic Skateboard Shop located in Cathedral City, the shop has been open for 9 years and the skate culture that has wrapped itself around the business is remarkable. Glen has something interesting perspectives and we are here to share them.

3. Cinephilia. The Palm Springs Art Museum is continuing to offer free films for ya all summer long. As you know, it’s definitely summer time… so the free foreign films are still rolling through town every Thursday at 5:30pm inside the Annenberg Theater.

4. Wednesday’s Night Rendezvous. A little play on words here… this post used to be called, “Wednesday Night Rendezvous”, until I watched The Adams Family over this weekend and decided to make it Wednesday’s Night Rendezvous. Get it? I thought it was clever. Either way, the same type of information will be provided… fun events to celebrate successfully through half of the work week!

5. DISCOTHEQUE Recap. Not only will we will featuring a small DISCOTHEQUE Recap, but we will also touch base with a Free For All Festival Recap and quite possibly a Mile High Music Festival Recap (this was a music festival that the editors from the CVAS worked providing and arts and crafts interactive art installation last week at this huge concert). We shall see what all we can squeeze in this week!

6. Stay Gold. Any skaters out there reading this? Or anyone who loves skate videos out there? Well, this next Tuesday is your lucky day. Epidemic Skate Shop is hosting a $5 screening of Emerica’s first full length feature skate film since 2003 – “Stay Gold”. This is going to be all kinds of epic, hosted by Epidemic, that includes not just a screening but a pool party and bar to follow the film. It’s about to get crazy, y’all.

7. Artists Follow-Ups. We have been aiming to get this post up and I think this week we will be done with all the formatting and text! A couple of our two favorite artists to follow have been doing some amazing work and we wanna let you all know what they are up to. They are both from the desert and are a great source of inspiration to any aspiring artists out there. What’s really cool about these two artists is that they offer two completely different types of work from one another. We love a little variety! way to go you guys.

8. Commercial Break. We may not have corporate sponsorship, but we do have Commercial Breaks. Oh, who are we fooling?!? These Commercial Breaks are simply videos filmed in or of the Coachella Valley that we find on the Internet. No telling what this week’s theme will be.

9. Next Week’s Sneak Peaks. So, yeah, again, we will be gone all next week!! Have no fear, your local blogger is here and will be providing you with as much event info as possible for the next 2 weeks! Lots of work ahead of us.

10. Randoms. It’s a mystery what will attract my eye on the Internet this week. guess that means you’ll just have to keep up and keep checking back in!

Thank you to all who continue to support the Coachella Valley Art Scene on a daily/weekly/monthly basis! We appreciate all that you do to better your community! Just by getting involved and showing your support at shows, galleries, local business… it shows that you care and that together we can all work to make this desert a better place that will continue to get richer and richer with culture every week. Cheers to us! We are all in this together. Email me anything you think I should know about: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com