Hello, everyone!  Welcome back to the show!  We just recently returned from our week long trip to another planet named “Burning Man” yesterday.  And boy, was that a trip!  Our time was well spent, and as I could dwell on it all day long, I’ll spare you because as the saying goes… “the show must go on!”  So, this week the show/circus certainly does continue forward, even if we are just taking baby steps back into the big bad working world…

This week we serve up a meal that is meaty enough to hold you over until next week.  Full bellies are what we typically aim for, but there is no denying that munchies are just as yummies for the time being.  Food in your belly = food for thought.  Munch on this:

1.  Burning Man Recap. How do I take an amazing, out-of-the-world, religious experience and translate it in such a way that actually makes sense with a beginning, middle, climax, and end?  The challenge is daunting as it will be difficult to translate what a whirlwind of emotions and explosions feels like in text, but, I’m a journalist and that’s my hidden talent and I am so excited to get it all out of my system and on to this here blog.  Make sure to check back in to see what kinds of trouble I got into.

2.  DJ Day does the Do Over. Maybe you have heard of this party by now?  It’s called the Do Over.  It’s a Sunday afternoon party in Los Angeles that only goes on in the Summer time and has been going down for a couple years now.  It is the epitome of Southern California’s lifestyle that we are most famous for: good music, backyard boogies, sunsets, hot chicks, and sangria.  And because of this, and also because the organizers of the event book such amazing talent, the party is very well known and possibly the best weekly party in the entire United States at this time.  Did I just say that?  Yes, I sure did.  But, anyways, what makes this event relevant to The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog is that recently one of the Coachella Valley’s favorite DJ’s, DJ Day, rocked a set at the Do Over and smashed on it.  He had the crowd going wild and really impressed the heck out of everyone.  This week we share with you Los Angeles’s excitement on our local hero, DJ Day.

3.  Sunday = Funday. Guess what?  It’s about that time of the month when the Palm Springs Art Museum opens up their doors on Sunday and invite us all to come in for free to check out all the cool art and culture that they have to offer.  Free Film, check.  Free art classes, check.  Free gallery walk through, check.  Free for all ages, check.  Am I going?  Check.

4.  Cinephilia.  Speaking of the Palm Springs Art Museum, don’t forget that their Thursday offering of a Free Foreign Film!  This week they serve up a lovely French Film.  A post modern war essential.  Come back to see who, what, when and were.

5.  Wednesday’s Night Rendezvous. “Wednesday Night” has taken on a new meaning in the Coachella Valley.  The new meaning is… party time. The weekends get started on Wednesday night and it doesn’t stop till Tuesday.  Careful for what you wish for you party animals, you!

6.  Commercial Break. This week we change up our Commercial Break platform and give you a new way to catch the air waves.  And/Or ride ’em.

7.  Randoms. You never know what might come up, so make sure to stay tuned in.  This week is going by fast and furious, so keep up!

8.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Things 2 Do Thursday is a post that has been going on strong for almost 2 years now and is really starting to smell.  Smell like a nicely baked, super comforting, apple baked pie that is!  There is comfort to be found in places where you always know where the party is at.  =)