A couple weekends ago, August 29th to be exact, one of our favorite local DJs, DJ Day, made LA party history.  As epic as that sounds, is as epic as it is.  Listen here…

On August 29th DJ Day was invited to rock at a set at Los Angeles’s most talked about summer party, the Do Over.  The Do Over is an LA Sunday afternoon soiree that celebrates all that is golden in Southern California: warm afternoons, the best in music entertainment, the most beautiful women, popping bottles of sangria, and a free entrance in.

The Do Over’s event organizers, Art Don’t Sleep, has built their reputation on being the taste makers and music educators of Los Angeles’s hip hop and party rocking community.  Art Don’t Sleep, literally, never sleeps on booking the top notch in DJ entertainment.  It’s never a compromise, they always come correct.  It’s always a party, they always guarantee a good time.

Being that the organizers have access to the world’s best in entertainment (due to the fact that they’re  based in the city that is famous for it’s richness and saturation of arts and entertainment), it is an honor when someone gets asked to play their show (and it’s always getting asked, not paying to play… you feel me?).  It says a lot.  And… it’s an even bigger honor when the promoters and fellow music industry heads go wild over a set that a DJ rocks that afternoon at their party.  And when I mean wild… I mean that they actually said DJ Day’s set was one of the best ever.  Read here for your own eyes:

twits via Twitter

Knowing that a Coachella Valley native, and resident, rocked the spot in Los Angeles and made waves, gives me a new sense of pride.  Straight up!  It’s as honest and simple as that.

Makes me take a step back and realize/appreciate that this dude, DJ Day, is rocking free parties for us every Thursday at The Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.  This is quite possibly one of the world’s best, most under rated, DJs in the industry.  And, lucky us, he’s right here in our backyard.  Every week we get the Do Over treatment…  neaner neaner, take that LA!

Alas… don’t just take my word, or House Shoe’s word, or Peanut Butter Wolf’s word, or Art Don’t Sleep’s word that DJ Day killed it… take your own.  Here is a link to download his live set from that weekend:


Here are some photos from the evening.  All photos taken by the talented, Al Myers.

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