This tid bit of coincidental information was emailed to me yesterday.  It’s really random, but also undeniably entertaining.  Good for a nice little chuckle, if anything.

Check it out:

So, if you look at the photos that have been provided below (from our anonymous emailer), you will find that if you search “Hippie” in Wikipedia you will pull up a photo of kids from 1969 smoking pot in the Tahquitz Canyons of Palm Springs, CA.  Kinda rad.  Take a look and try it out for yourself.

Step 1: go to

Step 2: search “Hippie”

(you will then pull up a page that looks like this…)

Step 3: scroll down you will see the topic of “Drugs”….

… under this topic the featured photo is a group of kids smoking pot in Palm Springs’s Tahquitz Canyons!

Let’s take a closer look at that image, shall we?….

Can anyone identify that this is in fact, Tahquitz Canyon dirt that they are on?

Oh who cares really… just thought this was funny and really randumb.


Anyone else have some really random things they have found online about something in or around the Coachella Valley?  I am sure you have.  If you’d like, link me up via Facebook, Twitter or Email! so I can share with the rest of the 760.  Thanks.