Hello and welcome back to the program.

This week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene we explore what it is to have ‘desert swag’.  Oh, what’s that you say?  You don’t know about desert swag?

Desert swag can most commonly be translated into proper English as…. “having a sense of style that completely embodies where you are from and wearing it with complete and utter self confidence.” – (the cvas blog)

From local fashion designers, to music videos all about your desert lifestyle, to the runways, to the side of the freeways, to right in front of your eyes…. desert swag is all over the place, and all up in your face.  All you gotta do is take a minute to embrace it.

Embrace this with a big XXXO:

1.  DISCOTHEQUE Recap. First and foremost, thank you to all who RSVPed (via Facebook invite), shared the link on your wall and/or wrote on ours.  Secondly, and possibly most importantly, thank you to everyone who actually showed up and got down with us.  We thank you so much for showing your support and are with us on this monthly movement of listening to rare dance grooves that you can’t really hear anywhere else in the world.  Speaking of which… thirdly, and probably the most important of them all…. a big thank you and shout out to DJ ALF ALPHA for holding it down!!!  The dude is a one man show, a hard worker, he rocked from 10pm to 2am and the dance floor (seriously) never stopped fist pumping and swaging their hips the entire time.  It was so cool to see everyone let loose from their everyday work week stress and just enjoy themselves.

2.  INTERVIEW: Ancient Youth.  One of our favorite visual artists from the Coachella Valley, Aaron Hansen, has just released a clothing line that is being exclusively sold at an independently owned clothing store in Palm Desert, Fresh Out the Box.  And let me tell you something… this freshman line is nothing short of fresh, and full of swag.  And it’s not even just based around the design, there is a hidden message behind each tshirt that has something to say…. we get to the bottom of it this week, so stay tuned in.

3.  When the Forces Collided.  So…. you know how it was just New York’s Fashion Week last week?  Well, let it be known that it was the Coachella Valley’s Fashion Week/Day/Forever last week too.  One of my favorite hair salons Chakra Aveda in Rancho Mirage (shout out to my very adorable hair dresser, Victor Jimenez, and salon manager Stephany Samokish) put on an amazing fashion show equipped with a catwalk and all.  BIg hair – check.  Big makeup – check.  big statement to be made – double check.

4.  All Too Epic. Glen Coy, he’s such a celebrity.  What a Leo.  This guy not only got an interview with us a couple of weeks ago, but he also just got an interview with Skateboarding Mag and it’s featured in in print in their current issue out now.  Pretty legit.  make sure to pick up a Skateboarding Mag and check it out for yourself.  If you don’t know about Glen Coy, he is the owner of Epidemic Skateboard Shop, the skateboard shop that has been in business for the last 10 years here in the desert.  We also got a little special surprise to share with you all, stay tuned…

5.  The Cool Factor. If you got something to say, and know how to say it in a cool way, then make it on out to open mic night at Space 120 this Thursday to show us what you got.  Professional spoken word artists, poets, performance artists, amateurs, and all those in-between will be gracing the stage.  More info super soon.

6.  Sounds of the Desert: Mic Legg. One of my favorite dudes to do it out here.  He has the best music videos, they truly embody the desert gangster lifestyle.  This week, we drop his newest music on ya.  Get ready for the real deal.

7.  Wednesday’s Night Rendezvous. Tonight is Wednesday night!  So much to do, so little time.  Find out where the art parties are at later this evening.

8.  Randoms. We are super super super busy this week!!!  There is no telling what might show up!!!  Keep an eye out… that’s all we’re saying!

9.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party time, all the time, always on my mind.   I should just avoid poetry/rap and just stick to my day job as a blogger, huh?