Surprise, surprise.

Welcome back to the program.

This week we are back are back in full effect.  Kinda like the same way this icky hot ‘summer weather’ is too.  We are both coming on hot and heavy and are making a comeback appearance from our a slight disapearing stint from last week.

Speaking of last week… so sorry for being so M.I.A.  Aside from doing this here blog, I have a day job.  My day job is throwing special events.  And when I get that call that someone needs something last minute – I gotta jump at the occasion.  Know what I mean?  And just in case you were wondering – the event was a success.

This week we mimic the weather – we bring it on, and we bring on strong.  We make up for what’s been lost and we also keep you anticipating the future.  We have many special events coming up that we can’t wait to share with you.  In fact, we have one event each month from next month until April!  Can we say… “party season?”  Yeah.  Get ready!

This week we retreat back and cover what we missed last week!  Let’s go!:

1.  INTERVIEW: Ancient Youth. There is an artist around town, his government name is Aaron Hansen, but he is more commonly known as J.A.H. in the art scene, and he has just teamed up with one of our favorite independent stores in the Coachella Valley, Fresh Out the Box.  The forces collided and produced a clothing line that is representative of not just our present youth in the Coachella Valley, but also the Ancient Youth of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.  This is a great way to support your local artist and retail shop all at the same time.  Keeping your money in your community has never been more important than now.

2.  Opportunities.  As many of you might have heard through out Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace post, we have a new feature to the website titled, “Opportunities.” This is where we will be posting any creative gigs/opportunities that are based here in the Coachella Valley.  Some are paying, some are non-paying, but all are an opportunity to get actively involved in the community.  Make sure you check the link on a daily basis!  You never know what might pop up!

3.  Sounds of the Desert: Mic Legg. I love hip hop.  I really do.  And what I love even more is seeing our very own hip hop community come out from under the covers and release a whole slew of  albums, mixes, youtubes, shows, all for our listening pleasure.  Hip Hop are the words and emotions of the streets.  The streets are talking, are you listening?

4.  Wednesday ‘s Night Rendezvous. This Wednesday in Palm Springs has a banging house music party, a punk rock party, and a comedy show that you can all pick and choose from.  And guess what, all are for free!  The weekends never looked so wimpy until now.

5.  When the Forces Collided.  So, last week was Fashion Week in New York, but did you also know that there was a catwalk getting worked in Palm Springs at the same time?  Yeah, get with it!  The life of the beautiful, bold and fabulous graced the stage last week with some of the hippest hair dressers, stylists, make up artists, performers and photographers in town.  We have pictures that will make you drool, just a little bit.

6.  Explorations of the Desert: Disposables. The word ‘disposables’ can mean a couple things to a couple people.  In the photography world, it means take ’em and trash ’em.  One night captured, before they get raptured.

7.  Discotheque Party Recap. nothing better then reliving a night out.  Thought we forgot about those imbarasing photos of you doing the ‘sprinkler’ dance move on the dance floor?  Nnaahhh, how could we forget something like that?

8.  Art Shows & Screenings. A good amount of art shows and free film screenings are alive and well this week in the Coachella Valley.  Make sure you come back to the blog to see what’s good in the hood.

9.  Randoms. Blogs are like a box of chocolates, you never know what’s inside.  Hmmmm…. not sure if that works, but what I’m really trying to say is that something really random might pop up that I want to share with you all, so stay on your toes.

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. All sorts of fun stuff coming up for this weekend.  When the heat gets going, the hot get out.  Don’t be the only one not ‘in the know’ on where to go.