Mic Legg

(Coachella Valley, CA)


One of my favorite hip hop artists from the Coachella Valley is definitely Mic Legg.  Mic Legg reminds me why I love Hip Hop.  It’s the genre of music that is often misinterpreted by mass media, but those who have actually taken the time to educate themselves on the subject knows that it is full of wisdom and often speaks to you directly from the streets.  In the same respect, Hip Hop is also not about flashy cars, back up dancers, or ‘big money.’ Hip Hop is a more-so a sub culture.  It’s a culture that bases itself around the five art forms of DJing, Rapping, Graffiti, Break-dancing, and Beat-boxing.  These five art forms are referred to as the ‘elements of Hip Hop.”

When I listen to Mic Legg’s music, I feel I get a true story from him that paints a picture of his lifestyle and what he goes through on a daily basis.  All nonsense aside, he is the real deal.  What makes him so relatable to someone like me is all in his swagger.  He has that super-chilled-out-desert-lifestyle-type-of-flow.  Mic Legg has a song that I really dig titled, “All Elements” that  breaks it down to people how he is talented in not just rapping but also in performing every element of Hip Hop.  However, in addition to that, I think what Mic Legg is most talented for is his ability to soak up all the elements around him and be able to express exactly what it is to be a Hip Hop artist straight from the west side of the Coachella Valley through his super raw delivery.

A true artist, Mic Legg is a character from the desert who should not be overlooked or ignored.

The clean art direction in the music video is credited to Josh Couto, F/22.  You can check out more of Mic Legg’s past music videos here: http://vimeo.com/fxxiiism.

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