The Coachella Valley Art Scene, DJ Alf Alpha, and The Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room team up once a month to put on a super fun party that we like to call…. DISCOTHEQUE!

Discotheque is a party that encourages you to sweat off the stress from the work with with a nice dance session to cutting edge music hand selected by DJ Alf Alpha.

This party has definitely been growing each month, this last one was no exception.

Check out the photos from this Saturday and we hope to see in the next batch (October 30th!!!).

big thank you to Gopi from for hooking it up with Tekilla shots!

DJ Alf Alpha ... aka Marathon DJ who can keep a party pumpin for 4+ hours at a time

we love these ladies, they've been down since day 1

party animal

didn't stop until the lights came on

hung over the next morning in 100 degree temperatures is always fun

ok, so the car doesn't have a/c, but it does run on veggie oil, not gasoline...

Thank you to all who came!  We really appreciate the support.

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