…. Where am I?  What am I doing?  What does life mean?  Hello?  Can anyone out there here me?…

– … are all questions asked when you are driving alone on the two lane freeway in the middle of the desert and the only life forms out there are the lizards scurry across the road and the hawk that keeps circling above. And you, you’re just somewhere in between… delusional and thirsty

Have no fear, The Coachella Valley Art Scene is here.  Yes, the desert is vast, and extreme, and “omg so muuucchh hotter than L.A. or even the Valley“, but we can get through this… together.  Just follow me and I will make your triple vision mirage of the road become more focused.  More solid. More dependable.

You’re in good hands.  Things 2 Do Thursdays is one of the few blog posts in all of America that can be compared to as a cup of water, a road map, the North Star of the Coachella Valley.  Get with it, or get lost.


You know what it is!  DJ Aimlo and DJ Day tear it up every Thursday at the Amigo Room.  Never a dull night, never a reason not to go.  It’s free – hello!


No introduction needed for this one.  You already know who it is and what’s going to go down.  It’s the bad boys of Hip Hop, Dogg Pound!  Daz and Kurupt will be rocking the stage…. possibly with some other special guests?  Just make sure to show up super early if you plan on getting in.  It’s going to be super packed, thats for sure.

Oh, Howie, you’re so silly! With all your 45’s, all your vinyl, all your punk rock sloshiness!  Oh Howie…

This is the big, cool, awesome, super cool, girl power, thing-to-do-this weekend!!  The Like are headlining, and on top of that – it’s another Pappy & Harriets gig.  It’s super hard not to have a good time there – there’s some kinds magic that floats in the air up there.  So, anyways, point is, don’t miss out on Manimal Fest. Not only are you a Mammal (could be the root of the name “Manimal”?), but you are not just any mammal, you are one who loves good music.  Support more of your fellow rare species-ers and show up with 20 bucks, baby.

Oh!  but before you go to Manimal Fest, make sure to check out this super cool art show at the Joshua Tree Art Gallery.  And, really, when you hear the magic words… “Joshua Tree Art..” in the same sentence you should not even have to question the occasion.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise you.  Pinky promise.

And if you don’t plan on making the drive to Pioneertown, that make sure to linger around Cathedral City.  Another really good art show is going down… Artsy Fartsy 2.  Yes, 2.  This means this is the second time, and the second time can almost always be guaranteed to be better than the last.  Plus, check out all the artists that are going to be there…. all dope.  Plus, add some DJs, MCs, and photographers into the mix and it gets crackin!  Krazy 8’s just sounds like a good time.  Artsy Fartsy 2 – don’t sleep.

After Artsy Fartsy 2, or before (depending on how wild of a party animal you are), make sure to come on down to the good ol’ Ace Hotel where they only book the best DJs.  This weekend, there will be some electro, indie disco house tracks spinning that will make you go nuts.  No parking on the dance floor, that’s a no-no at this party.


Tan that toosh of yours at DJ Victor Rodriguez’s party.  You know you need to.  Summer is not over yet, honey.

After you get all golden, make your way down to the Party Lab!  It’s a Halloween Fashion Show and they’re pulling out all the stops.  Get your drink, inspiration, and party on – DJ Victor Rodriguez will be there too!  Hay now!


Linda Fabulous is what Hollywood dreams are sampled after.  Who wouldn’t want to grow up and be like Linda Fabulous and host a Sissy Bingo night at the Ace in Palm Springs when they get older?  C’mon.


And just when you had enough of everyone else hogging the stage all the time… now you can show ’em who the star really is!  American Idol – Palm Springs?  Ace Idol.

Thank you to all who continue to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  We are so happy to say that we are still here doing our thing after 2 years!!  Yay!  And we are even more happy to say that we are going to stick around for at least another 2 more!  Keep an eye out because are completely revamping this website.  You’ll love it – why?  Because it’s all for you!  =)  email us with any suggestions… thecoachellavalleyartscene @ gmail.com