As many of you know, or might not know, the Date Farmers are one of the very reasons and sources of inspiration for the creation of The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog.

About two years ago, I remember DJ Alf Alpha telling me about these “really dope artists in Indio” that I had to check out.  Sounded promising so the next day we made our way to the small studio in Old Town Indio.  Took one walk around the place and became an instant fan.  The art that these guys produced was so advanced from anything I had seen in the desert for a while.  It completely caught my attention.  At first glance, I must admit, their work was a bit intimidating.  But the more closer I made my way towards their art, the more welcoming it became.  It drew me in with it’s keen sense of humor, non-overbearing political statements, and their witty conversations with today’s pop culture.  Another aspect that really got me was the way they completely captured the essence of Indio, Coachella, Thermal… some of the most beautiful cities of the Coachella Valley that have the most cultural and historical relevance.  It only took one look at these guy’s work for me to relaize they were the next ‘big thing’.  They were too raw, original, and talented to not be.  And the best thing was, they were from the Coachella Valley.  I thought to myself…. more kids from the desert should know about these guys…

About a week later I heard they were going to be throwing an art show and they were going to have DJ Alf Alpha] spin.  Thought it would be cool if I documented the night and gave some exposure, I just needed a place to host all my information and documentation…. long and behold, The Coachella Valley Art Scene was born.

It was through these guys that I saw a lot of potential and inspiration to be built upon.  Turns out, my intuition was dead on.  Fast forward two years later; the guys have moved to Los Angeles and are preparing for the biggest show of their careers…

The Date Farmers will have a solo show at the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd. on November 20th (8-10pm).  The Ace Gallery, founded in 1961, is most famous for giving Andy Warhol his first show in California.  They are also well known for the boosting of careers for emerging and mid-career artists who have become fully established over the last forty years.  Please do a little research of your own on the gallery at

This month is an important one for the Date Farmers, as it’s like running the last 5 miles in the marathon.  The big day is almost here!  So, stay tuned into The Coachella Valley Art Scene as we will be documenting the build up to the show and share with you the final product.

For now… make sure to check out these photos that were just released on the Ace Gallery’s website.  These are just some of the pieces that will be featured.  And please do take note that a mojority of their work has outgrown standard sized walls, they are now bigger and better than ever before.

It’s remarkable to see these in person, the internet just doesn’t give them their justice:

The Date Farmers make the back cover of the well-known, Artillery Magazine.

The guys also made the back cover of Modern Painter Magazine a couple months ago…

Here is  the photo that is being used for the magazine covers..

Check out some of their latest works here.

All of these, plus many more, will be featured in their November 20th (8-10pm) show at the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles:

Plan ahead.  Show information:

@ The Wilshire Tower: 5514 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036
T: 323.935.4411 F: 323.202.1082

An exhibition celebrating the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence

November 20, 8PM-10PM

NOVEMBER 20, 2010 through FEBRUARY 2011


for more information, please visit: