Artist Spotlight:

Cooper & Campbell

There is a new artistic duo in town, Cooper and Campbell.  However, Kimberly Nichols (aka Cooper) and Ryan Campbell (aka Campbell), are no strangers to the art world.  In fact, individually these two have blazed their own trails and have gained established names for themselves amongst the Coachella Valley’s art community.  So it’s very exciting to see the two artists, who have styles on the opposite ends of the spectrum from one another yet similar tastes and interests, come together on some ideas, abilities, and artistic expression!   The two are currently gearing up to put their collaborative work out on the line, and up for grabs…

This Thursday, October 7th, Cooper and Campbell will host their first collaborative art show, Collision.  It will be a featured show to the El Paseo Arts Walk in Palm Desert, CA.  The show will touch upon their contemporary collaborative works, and couture hair.  Hmmmm…. sounds interesting, right?  Make sure to check it out, and stroll the boulevard for the El Paseo Arts Walk while you’re at it.  Cooper and Campbell’s art show will be held at the DOS Salon 73880 El Paseo Suite 4 Palm Desert, CA from 6-10pm.

About the Artists:

Both Ryan Campbell and Kimberly Nichols are fine artists in their own right. Ryan does installations and paintings that mock society and our preconceived notions of the world and Kimberly does paintings, photographs and performance pieces that reflect on our ideas of beauty, stereotype and place in the physical world.

As friends and studio mates, both artists discovered that they had a passion for other streams of artwork outside of their individual voices and that their styles, for example, in their abstracts, strata and conceptual paintings, were similar and they decided to start the company as a creative arts and design firm that would allow them an outlet to create these collaborative projects outside of their individual art careers.

It is about creative synergy between two artists, the zone of play and random outcome, connection between two people, and the mutual love of making things and process.

Together they’ve already done projects such as the design and construction of a custom gate for a major art collector.

Their abstract strata paintings body of work is represented by Desert Art Source and their series AmClass which brings us all back into our childhood nostalgia through major installations of spaces covered in red/white/gold for male and pink/white gold for female utilizing objects and icons from childhood.

The show at DOS Salon this Thursday night from 6-9 p.m. is going to unveil a new body of collaborative abstract strata paintings in conjunction with couture hair creations.

Check out some of their individual pieces:

3R 16 X 20 - Campbell

Elements of Cooper's Light Modular in Process

Campbell's Painted Converse for Saks

Campbell's grafitti

What I really love is the contemporary, yet contrasting styles that these two artists work with.

Their upcoming show, Collision, hosted at the DOS Salon on El Paseo this Thursday from 6-9pm will be the unveiling of what happens when these two forces collide.  The outcome?  You will just have to go check it out for yourself.

Here is the art show invitation:

and here is a sneak peak of their collaborativework that I found on the  Internet today…

Cooper and Campbell's lust with abstracts and strata

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