The times are changing.The youth are more advanced and developed than ever, thanks to the internet and years of wisdom being passed  down.  New souls are able to relate better to old souls.  Youth is no longer age related, as it’s more so a lifestyle and state of mind…

There is a new clothing line in town.  Art direction by non other than Aaron Hansen (better known as J.A.H), and Producer of the project is Eddie Ochoa, the owner of Fresh Out the Box (a street savvy clothing store in Palm Desert, CA).  Both these young men are young, under 25 years old and are super savvy entrepreneurs.  Hansen is a well known figure in the street art scene of the desert, and Ochoa is the owner of a two year strong clothing store in Palm Desert right off Hwy 111.  What I like about both of these guys equally is their attention to detail and their style of getting it done and doing it proper. Hence, their latest collaboration Ancient Youth…

INTERVIEW: Ancient Youth

You just released a new line of clothing titled, Ancient Youth.  What inspired this endeavor?  Can you tell me a little bit about the concept behind the name of your line?

Well, the main reason was to spread the conscious word on a more broad spectrum. Clothes and posters with a visual message… plus, it was a way that the crew and I could wear some tee’s that represent what we’re about. Ancient Youth kinda goes off this crazy thought I got that everyone that’s tuned into this wavelength, the whole street art, punk, indie, anarchist, raver, lightworker kinda folk have always throughout history been the ones responsible for the revolutions. For instance, we would be the ones (reincarnated) responsible for the 60’s Revolution and all of that type of stuff.  Somehow we didnt complete the task so we’re here again playin for keeps! So we’re all the youth searching for ancient wisdom and our responsibility is to try and restore good in society. Do good, stay gold.

Are their messages behind these images on the shirts?  If so, what do they mean?  For instance, these kids are going to be buying these images and wearing these designs and images on their chest… what are they really promoting?

You better believe it.  The main logo with the pyramid dude wildin’ out is actually an “A” and the toungue is a “Y” for Ancient Youth. That image is a whole package in perfect balance. The ‘all-seeing eye’ mixed in with the “don’t give a what” Rolling Stones looking toungue is the exact message of mixing ancient knowledge with the energy/ambition and rebellious freedom of the youth.  If any of you have purchased a shirt and read the inside label it has the mission statement on everyone of them.  If you bought it at Fresh Out the Box, those even come with a bag with a more in depth explanation printed on them: “In purchasing this shirt you are supporting not a tshirt company, but a way of living. Every design is created with the intent of sparking conversations and ideas that revolve around positive topics of self. Ancient Youth does not represent any physical location on the map, it simply represents a state of mind. In wearing this materialized idea you are automatically raising awareness of a higher frequency we can all experience.” They are promoting the future, I guess.  The dawn of the anti-hustle, we are one era.

You have worked on other clothing lines before, but you typically do not work in that line of work (fashion)… as you often do street art, multi-media work, gallery work, etc.  How does working in fashion, with a plain t-shirt as your canvas work differently for you?  What do you like about it?  What’s limiting about it?

Yeah well, the truth is I never spent too much time with fashion because I just get paint on everything I wear, no matter what.  And then theres the money thing… I’d rather buy some paint or ink than a new pair of anything. But it’s also another reason to do it, I print all my own tees to keep cost down because now-a-days you’re lucky to find a dope tee for under $25.  So, the direction of fashion is to have something for the people that invest all of their loot into their own passion to be able to afford some cool threads with a positive message.   The skaters, writers, rappers, hippies, stoners, nobodies, whatevers… they can all get a tee!

What I love about the shirts though is how big of an audience you can reach with them.  With graffiti, you get painted over and no one really takes time to check it out anyway.  With the gallery shows, there’s only so many people that afford what your trying to say and then it hides in a house somewhere.  Shirts, on the other hand, are like buying an art print that is also functional.  Like Enfamous (another local independent clothing line in the Coachella Valley) says, “Everybody Needs Klothing (ENK)!”.  Everyone wears a shirt, so now there’s a bunch a lil’ ninjas out in public displaying these symbols and visual messages, making the world a better place.  That’s the idea anyway.  Clothing is a much quicker way of spreading the word of light.  What is limiting, however, is all I do right now is screen printing.  So I’m limited to the properties/restrictions of that application.

Do you have a favorite piece from this line?

I honestly like all of them, I wouldn’t put something out that I wouldn’t wear.  The “closed eye visual” is up there, for sure.  That actually came like the visions you hear about.  It was dope, half of it was at the Phish Festival 8 (at the Polo Fields in Indio this past Halloween) one night with the fun guy, then the mushroom part came later in a dream. I like the “Karma” one.  It brings graphic design and graffiti into one design.  The message is funny too, it’s got a lady screaming looking up with a dollar sign blocking her 3rd eye while she’s looking at the haunting word “karma”!  Also, the “triumph of marketing” print a.k.a. “the jesus one”, this was actually a pen and ink drawing done by “NicNac” of DCT CBS UTI.  I saw it at a CBS show and was amazed.  I think just the act of my mind interpreting what my eyes were looking at changed my life for the better.  It’s all done in the stippling technique.  A lot of people think its half-toned but that’s really how it was drawn.  It’s mind blowing, the message is up to the viewer on that one.

Can we expect to see another season in the future?

Oh, for sure!  Though lil’ Woady’s working on the Fall/Winter stuff right now.  Expect to see some crewnecks, beanies, you know… the standard.  Some new designs in full effect, trying to tone it down a bit.  If everyone thinks like me, then your tired of seeing big, bright and loud mixed with naked girls on every other shirt.  So I’m going for more laid back, casual, subtle.  Maybe some other artists in the mix… we’ll see!

Where can we check out more of your work?

Right now, the Ancient Youth gear is exclusively held at Fresh Out The Box in Palm Desert!  You can go and get yourself one of them tees and there’s always some of my paintings cold chillin’ in there as well.  As far as the Internet goes, we got a crazy, sexy, cool blog:  I’m working on the online store and planning a trip up the west coast very soon, locking in some shops.  We will definitely be at Farmers Block at the Minna in San Fransisco for Blocktober 3rd,  And as always, you will see the work in the streets…

Make sure to check out the clothing line at the…

Tangible Dreamstate Art Show this Friday night at Fresh Out The Box in Palm Desert.

(You’re probably going to want to RSVP because I have a strong feeling that it’s going to reach maximum capacity.  Actually, okay, I know it will.)

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