This past Friday, Fresh Out the Box, a local street wear shop in Palm Desert hosted an art show titled, Tangible Dream State.  The show, as expected, was a huge success.  Featuring art work from well known street artist, Aaron Hansen, and also from the young and upcoming artist, Chris Sanchez.  Music was provided by the desert legend, DJ Day.

Last week we had the opportunity to interview Hansen about his current projects and upcoming show.  This week, as we recap the art show, we get a moment to talk to Chris Sanchez… an artist who many now have their eye on after checking out his latest installation this past Friday at Fresh Out the Box.

Below are photos provided by Fresh Out the Box, intertwined with my interview questions with Chris Sanchez.

Check it out:

Artist Spotlight: Chris Sanchez

So, Chris, first off… let’s start with where you grew up.
I was born in Indio, CA.  I moved a lot as a child but it was just around Indio. Which was cool because I got to I meet a lot of different kids my age, with different styles.
Cool, and when did you start drawing?
I first started drawing probably when I was in Junior High. A buddy of mine would always carry this book around with him and inside it had a whole bunch of different artists work, that inspired me, and the rest is history…

So… how did you link up with Fresh Out the Box?

The first time I went into the shop was for the grand opening. I went in because I had heard about it and opening and it was the  first sneaker boutique and streetwear clothing store in the desert. The first thing I thought to myself when I went in there was finally someone did it in the valley and correctly. I was a regular customer at Fresh Out The Box always spending all my paychecks there to make sure I always had the freshest newness. Sometimes I’d just go in there to kick it and talk to Eddie and Chris. One day I just walked in there I think it was a Tuesday and Eddie asked if I was interested in a internship…

…I took the offer and have been there ever since, about 10 months strong. I started out doing basic duties, then Eddie gave me the opportunity to paint inside the shop which was cool because I was the first and he had said quiet a few people had ask to do so before, but he liked the store clean and modern looking so didn’t allow it. I felt honored to have that chance to display my work and it’s got a lot of exposure. If you go to the shop and check out the fitting room you can see how I got down. Now I do a lot more at the shop and feel as a part of it. I’m involved with event planing, marketing and even buying. I recently went to my first trade show which was an awesome experience and huge eye opener for me, I got to see a lot. I got to see many brands and everything that goes into it, such as new products, styles, marketing and even art. I met a lot of cool people and got to network myself.

That’s very cool and inspiring.  When you take the initive and really go after something you want, your possibilities are endless.  So, let’s talk a bit about your art.  How would you describe it?

It’s a little tricky to describe my art, because I’m still trying a lot of things with it and go in a lot of directions, but I would describe it as an experiment. There’s a bunch of mixtures of techniques that I use and various textures that I like to use. I rather have fun with the the whole process of making the art.I get bored quickly so I always try and find new ways to keep stuff fresh and interesting. I don’t get stuck on one particular style, constantly changing it up and always keeping it fresh.

I feel ya.  Where can we check out your art in person if we missed the Tangible Dreams art show?

You can see the latest of my work at Fresh Out the Box, the art will be up for some time.  And I’m always working on new projects and currently in the process of getting a website/blog up.

Where can we find you on the internet in the meantime?

While I am working on my website and blog you can reach me at, you can check out some of my work on my Facebook and/or follow my lifestyle on Twitter at

to check out more photos from the evening… and more information on the shop, please visit:

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