Season of Sustainability

The City of Palm Springs has prepared a great program of events leading up to their 3rd annual Sustainbility Summit on November 4th.   Join them throughout the months of October and November for events including film showings, composting workshop, Alternative Fuel and Electric Vehicle exhibits, guest lectures & more.

You will find many of these events on the PSGS “Events” page, and you can also find more details on the “Your Sustainable City” page.

To start the season off on the right foot, make sure to go to the FREE movie screening tonight:

Desert Food Gardening Season

The movie “Dirt” is a wonderful lead to the next section of this post… it’s planting season in the desert!  Gardeners get ready!  In fact I think all you locavores, slow foodies, organic lovers, science teachers, gardeners and farmers alike should all flock to see this screening of the movie Dirt.  Our whole food system, and therefore our life on the planet is dependent on the teaming microscopic life under our feet.  The movie brings to life the environmental, economic, social, and political importance of soil and suggests ways we can create new possibilities for all life on Earth.

For those who come from different climes and are unsure as to what, when and how to plant their food gardens, here are some basic resources :

“For decades, the chemical industry and their sponsored university researchers have worked on developing soil chemistry techniques that boost yields. I think treating the soil as a living structure and using biology-based growing methods can do even better.'” Don Chapman, President of BioOrganics.

Where to find organic and native seeds :

  • Native Seeds/SEARCH conserves, distributes and documents the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico. Open-pollinated, native edibles (domesticated and wild) – your best bet for desert gardening.
  • Free seed available for Native Americans in the Southwest.
  • Seeds of Change. All Our Seeds Are 100% Certified Organic, no GMOs. We are committed to safeguarding your health and that of the planet. Organic, sustainable agriculture produces healthy soils, naturally rich and balanced in the nutrients plants need. That’s why we grow 100% of our seeds organically on our own certified organic research facilities and through our unique network of certified organic family farms

Composting Classes:

Saturday, Oct. 16th – Backyard Composting Workshop at the Palm Springs Public Library. Join the Riverside County Waste Management Master Composters as they teach you all you need to know to start composting! The FREE program will be from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

and going green doesn’t just go down in Palm Springs….

check it out, Palm Desert has programs too:

Featured Speaker:
Jose Aguiar
Farm Advisor for University of California Cooperative Extension

Vegetable Gardening in the Coachella Valley

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 6:00 p.m.

Palm Desert City Hall Administrative Conference Room
73-510 Fred Waring Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260

If you have any questions or need further information,
please call Amy Lawrence at 760.346.0611, Ext. 425.

Community partners :
Coachella Valley Green
CREEC Network – RIMS
Your Sustainable City
Local Chapter Veterans for Peace

for more information on how to get involved in this Season of Sustainability’s events, please visit:

the PSGS “Events” page, and you can also find more details on the “Your Sustainable City” page.

*all information provided by Geraldine Carpentier of the Palm Springs Green Scene

for more information, please visit: