Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

This week we explore all that is fashionable.  Starting with the fabrics we wear, to the fashionable sounds we hear, to the steps we can make as a community towards greening our environments… it’s the hot topic of conversation over here in the office today.

The first step to being fashionable, is being “in the know”.  To be in the know is to be informed. To be informed, is to be involved.  So, let’s get to it!…

1.  ‘Tis the Season of Sustainability. Were you aware that it’s the Season of Sustainability for the city of Palm Springs?  How awesome is that?!  Basically, what that means is there will be many community events, gathering, classes, guest speakers and many other ways to educate and get involved with all the ways you can green your scene.  We live in the desert – it shouldn’t be that hard, people.  This week we will provide you with a list of ways to jump into the green scene, all you gotta do is show up!

2.  Sounds of the Desert: Alf Alpha. Wait, isn’t alf alfa a food, many of you might ask?  Well, no.  Alf Alpha is an artist from the Coachella Valley.  He is a super legit DJ and a world famous music producer!  Alf Alpha recently dropped a new album, and rumor has it that there are 42 tracks on it (all instrumentals)!  What does that even mean!?! (means long car rides with the stereo blasting for me)… We have the link to download the album for free this week.  Thank us later.

3.  Free Films. This week there are two free films that will be screening in Palm Springs, and BOTH are really intriguing.  “Dirt! the movie” will be screening this Tuesday at the PS Library and the Palm Springs Art Museum will be offering a free foreign film this Thursday, per usual.  You have no idea how much we love free films!  Nothing like escaping the heat, the cubicle, and the chaos for two hours…

4.  A Passion for Fashion. The Palm Springs Art Museum is debuting their Richard Avedon exhibition this Saturday.  Classic black and white fashion photography from the 1950’s will be on display.  This is an exhibit that you will not want to miss.

5.  Tangible Dreamstate Recap. If we recap a Dreamstate, does that make the recap more of a deja vu?  Hmmm… Well, the Tangible Dreamstate art show at Fresh Out the Box this past Friday was a success and we have  the pictures to prove it… you know, that it really happened.

6.  Wednesday’s Night Rendezvous. Wednesday nights are the ‘new Thursdays’ here in Palm Springs.  And basically, what that means, is that you go hard on Wednesday and suck it up at work all the next day.  Why do such a thing?  Because you had a surprsiningly amazing time last night, partying with the punks or dancing with the disco divas.  You may be a little sore, but, headache?!?  Psssh!  Whatevs… That’s only for the weak.

7.  Explorations of the Desert: Fashion.  Seasons ahead of their time, fashionistas are always on to the next thing.  This week we capture them in their transitions with photos of their personal collections.  Of course, all based in the Coachella Valley.

8.  Commercial Break: Oddly Brilliant. There is nothing better than someone who is oddly brilliant.  Well, there actually is… it’s when that oddly brilliant person uploads their talents to Youtube and broadcasts it to the world.

9.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. This weekend we have a strong lineup.  The home team is a guaranteed win.  We have a strong  pitcher, but you, my friend are the designated batter (not driver, don’t worry).