What’s that on my window pane? Raindrops? Hmmm… okay.  Guess this time it’s for real.  Summer is really gone, and Fall is really here.  This means you and I have a fresh start.  New air.  Cold breezes.  All the sweat and hardship we endoured throughout the Summer is finally just a passing thought, no longer our reality.  This, of course, can only mean good things to come.  For it’s not only Fall in the Coachella Valley, but it’s also ‘festival season’, ‘holiday season’, ‘tourist season’, and …. The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s ‘party season’.

This week we gear up for change, dress the part, embrace it, take it by the hand and began to dance gracefully with it.  Please feel free join in at any time:

1.  Our 1,000th Post! So, we decided for our 1,000th post that we would would post something that has nothing to do with The CVAS and the Coachella Valley, and just post stuff that is currently inspiring and motivating us at the moment.  What do you think about that?  This will come later this week.  Thank you all for following us through all our 1,000 post journey.  Here’s to the next 1,000!

2.  Art Shows a Go Go.  There are a bunch of art shows this weekend and forthcoming.  Make sure to stay tuned to check out a little information on each one so you can pick your poison (early Halloween plus).

3.  Word on the Street Is…. Who is following the Coachella Valley Art Scene on Twitter?  We are “@thecvartscene”.  Anyways, we are following all of you desert people and you are really cracking us up.  I love Twiiter for the mere fact that it’s the streets talking, via the world wide web.  So many little blurbs about so much random information… it’s enough to drive you crazy.  This week we quote you, the street talkers.

4.  Explorations of the Desert: Street Fashion. Last week we were going to post this super duper uber hot post, but we decided to postpone it till this week.  We wanted to wait until the weather cooled off.  You’ll see why…

5.  Get Outta Town. This week the Palm Springs Art Museum opens their doors once again and invites you to join them on a journey into a foreign land…. via the big screen. This train leaves reality every Thursday, so don’t be the only one not on board.

6.  Sounds of the Desert: Alf Alpha.  So, last week it took us the whhoolleee week to listen and fully absorb Alf Alpha’s album.  You know, there are 42 tracks…. this isn’t any average album! So, bare with us.  Alas, over the span of an entire week we are finally ready to share our emotions, opinion, and all over hype on what’s oozing out of our headphones and in our eardrums.

7.  Commercial Break: BOO, it’s enough to scare you. We are getting ready for Halloween, are you?

8.  Halloweenie. Speaking of Halloween, we are doing something super special this year…. it’s called giving away free arts and crafts supplies to BIG kids at bars!  Yes, that means you!  We will be providing all sorts of art materials at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room on October 30th.  Along with us is our #1 DJ, Alf Alpha.  So, be prepared to dance.  We love having a good time, so come have one with us.

9.  Randoms. You never know what might pop up and surprise you on The CVAS Blog.  Make sure to keep an eye out… follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest and greatest in blogging.

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party time, excellent.  Just because it’s the weekend before Halloween doesn’t mean that we are slowing down our party schedule…. no way, Jose.  In fact, this just means it’s time to rev up the engines.  Holler!