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This weekend the desert leave trails of beautiful art shows all throughout the desert.  Here are where the bread crums start… it’s now up to you to follow the yellow brick road to the pot of gold at the end of each journey…


The lean, mean, green Tangerine kids are at it again.  A pop up shop art show at the Tangerine House.  It’s an art show, not a party… don’t get it twisted.  make sure to come on out and see what the young and upcoming artists of the Coachella Valley have to offer.  P.S. there is not a Facebook invite for this, this is the only flyer I could find online… all invites were hand made and passed out in person – beat that Mark Zuckerberg!

Exhibition: Trevor Goss | Tony Cavallero | John Neumann : Friday, October 22 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm , At a Pop-Up Gallery in a Private Residence (address will be provided) Palm Desert, CA. Please join us for an exhibition of new work by Painter and Sculptor Trevor Goss. Tony Cavallero will debut new work in Silver and Glass. Sculptor John Neumann will present a series of work in Stainless Steel.  RSVP to the Facebook invite to find out when and where….

Pretty much all the info is on the flyer.  If you are going to be busy checking out the other pop up show art shows on Friday night, make sure to catch this show one of the other nights that sit’s available!


Royale Projects studies the genesis of artistic genius in a show of drawings by important contemporary artists.

royale projects : modern & contemporary art  75270 Highway 111, Suite 205 Indian Wells, CA 5:00pm – 9:00pm

OUTSIDE THE LINES: the drawing in contemporary art

Drawings render inspiration into the visible. They are are the basis of visual thinking. Drawings can be blueprints or designs for larger objects. They can be the seed of an idea that, through deeper exploration, will grow into something completely different.  Some drawings are both a beginning and an end unto themselves.

The belligerent, draftsmanship of Dennis Oppenheim’s studies and Tony DeLap’s drawings are often more intimate and accessible than the monumental sculptures or rigorous paintings which are birthed from the sketches. They offer an insight into the minds of these influential and historically important artists.  The meticulous and seemingly simple steel shapes of post-minimalist Kenneth Capps are as much a final work of art as a gateway into the objects that they anticipate. From glued pieces of the cut stripes in David Allan Peters drawings to Dennis Koch’s dense layers of colored pencil, whether labored over for months or scribbled in seconds, The drawings in OUTSIDE THE LINES reveal an artist’s most intimate thoughts and present them to the world.

OUTSIDE THE LINES is the first exhibition of Royale Projects’ 2010-2011 season.  It explores the drawing in contemporary art and exposes the artist’s broad definition of the word. OUTSIDE THE LINES features work by Kenneth Capps, Tony DeLap, Dennis Koch, Dennis Oppenheim, David Allan Peters and others.