As much as I am sure you can barely believe that we are still around (after 2+ years and 1,000 posts), we can barely believe it either!  What once started as a mere hobby, something to keep myself busy by, and express myself through has now become a serious day-to-day project and job of mine.  I have taken what I loved and made it into some I “do”.  Essentially now “doing what I love and loving what I do.”  And none of this would be possible without you – the readers, the artists, the organizers, the community.  I really do appreciate all of the support and feedback that I receive from each and every one of you on a daily basis.  Cheers to two more years!!!

For the very special “The 1000th Post” celebration I decided it would be best to share with you my favorite and most influential experience that has happened to me since starting this blog. This is something that has been the most mind blowing, inspiring, and all around coolest thing that I have done since starting my blog, and got the opportunity to do it because of The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  Not only do I see this as a monumental time in my past, but I see it as my future, as I continue to pull inspiration from the week long trip to Black Rock City, Nevada to this day.

So… what is this super duper cool and inspiring thing I did??  I went to Burning Man.

The phrase, “I went to Burning Man,” is a lot easier said then done, mind you.  However, this post isn’t going to be an end all, tell all story of my time at Burning Man.  For one, it is much too sacred of an experience to share to the entire world wide web.  And, two, it’s actually really hard to put into words what I saw, felt, heard, and learned that entire week out in the desert.  Whenever I try to start telling my story, I get all tongue tied and my mind just starts racing with vivid memories.  Flashbacks of Art Cars, showering from a bag of 2 Gallon water, living out of a tent, dust storms, campsite chit chats, people on stilts, the Man burning, the spirits late at night, the art, the people all come at lightening speed back at me within an instant of someone saying the term, “Burning Man”.  It’s rather overwhelming.  Although, I’ll gladly and openly talk about with you in person if you are ready for such an audio experience, complete with me losing track of time and using my hands a lot.  But, for right now, I’ll spare you all of my theatrical, in-person craziness and just stick with a few photos and text that are blog worthy.

Please do keep in mind that I was at Burning Man for six days (the Burning Man festival is 7 days long).  Out of those six days I had lost my camera for 3 1/2.  I lost my camera (which was in a backpack full of other cool electronics) in a dust storm that didn’t allow me to even see 3 feet ahead of me and found it at the Lost and Found on the last day of the festival right before I left for home.  Oh yeah… getting your ass kicked by Mother Nature is pretty gnarly sometimes.

Please enjoy The 1000th Post celebration with me as I share a couple of my personal photos from Burning Man.  And know that your local arts blogger has seen, heard, lived, saw and experienced some cool shit:

Burning Man 2010

view of Burning Man, from the top of the Burning Man

Sarah Scheideman at Burning Man

Alf Alpha at Burning Man 2010

theater performance on stilts

cat power

the best art car ever

super cool


windshield of an art car

super cute art car


Sarah Scheideman and Alf Alpha

Here is some CNN coverage on the event:

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If you have no idea what Burning Man is, please, take the time to check out their website (and search on Google Images and YouTube, those are the best):

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