What do you get when a bunch of freaks and everyone who loves freaks get together for a weekend in Palm Springs???

An amazing party… DUH!!!

This weekend the legendary West Coast Love Train toots its way into town.  And you better make way – that’s all I’m saying.

The Ace Hotel, Qulture Qreative (wud up D$ + LA Kendall), Victor Rodriguez, and Mario Diaz present….

We like freaks and everyone who loves them. We are freaks, too. And we love throwing a good party. This year, the legendary West Coast Love Train rides through Ace Hotel Palm Springs again, and we can’t wait to share it with you. If you’re not sure you’ll fit in, you will. Hot misfits, radical faeries, starving indie artists with a price, leather squirrels, queers, furries and fuzzies, poly-tastic warm leatherettes, drag kings and queens, changelings and disco dollies – get your bags packed. It’s going to be kind of nuts.

We’ve got drag shows, fruity drinks, sun-basking, West Coast DJs, delicious food, hot queers, a shot girl on rollerskates, community, mischief and pool parties. What goes on in your room is up to you. And to celebrate we’ve got a really great package for you. Double occupancy rooms start at $229 a night, and using code ‘Love Train’ when you book gets you other special discounts and treats. Call us at 760.325.9900 to book.

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Here’s more about the performers, DJs and fierce queens coming together to make this an incredible party. You can also see the full schedule at the bottom of this page.

– text/info  taken from blog.acehotel.com

Here is some info about each of the performers:


is just your average food-obsessed 1950s lesbian housewife. She is never full. The big toe revealed by her peep toes reflects the spotlight and physically blinds audiences, blurring the lines between lust and hunger, addiction and desire, sexy and revolting. Famous for her queer burlesque acts featuring honey, this will mark her second appearance at the Ace Hotel.


is the hostess, producer and creator of Trannyshack, San Francisco’s legendary drag performance night at the Stud, which for over 12 years shocked and delighted packed audiences every Tuesday night, defying all expectations as an envelope-pushing alternative to garden-variety drag shows. Trannyshack stopped running at the Stud in 2008 but has since toured other locales, such as illustrious Palm Springs, California. Featured Performers: Mercy Fuque, Squeaky Blonde, Elijah Minnelli, Wenda Watch, Syphilis Diller, Fade Dra and Miss Rahni.


Along with her business partner David “D$” Richey, L.A. Kendall has been behind some of Seattle’s hottest parties: Kiss My Ass, Hot Mess (nominated as one of America’s best parties by Paper magazine) and Hard Times. She also sings electro-pop with Luxury A.K. and has a single, “Kiss My Ass,” produced by DJ Spire. She has shared the bill with such acts as Boy George, Spinderella and Tina T.


No mere Streisand-syncher, class-act Juanita Moore dusts off overlooked musical nuggets of the past and gives them their shiny due. Juanita focuses on the slice of subcultural sonic history known formerly as “race music” and currently as R&B. She also DJs and hosts the infamous Booty Call Wednesday is SF. She has been featured in V Magazine, i-D Magazine, Time Out, Frontiers and The Guardian.


Robbie Daniels Jr. aka Jer Ber Jones is from Salt Lake City, Utah, the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Robbie is a multi-media artist and musician who has been producing and performing his original works internationally for over 15 years. He appeared on the first ever Electroclash CD and his annual cabaret TELEKiNESIS is on its eighth straight year. Robbie has created music & remixes for Calpernia Addams, Dangerous Muse, Dirty Sanchez, Buck Angel and many more.


Producer, DJ and musician BARBEAU writes and produces for his electro-rock group Dirty Sanchez, with a new album due out this year. The new single, “Give Head & Be Beautiful,” is out now. The band has released a full length album and two EPs, Really Rich Italian Satanists and Antonio Says, both out on Hypnotic Recordings.


Inspired by a revival of gay disco legends and queer house music producers, HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM, a DJ group created in the spirit of the legendary Bay Area crews, have been making their own scuff marks on today’s dance floors while spreading the gospel of SF’s rich dance music history. They have hosted DJs from around the world, including Todd Terje, Hawke aka Gavin Hardkiss, Horse Meat Disco London, Part Time Punks, Stefan Goldmann and Hercules & Love Affair.


Electronic synth-dance duo VINTAGE YOUTH is the newest project by Giulio Pellegrini and David Caldwell. Giulio comes straight out of ‘80s UK Hi-NRG dance while David is classically trained and grew up singing with the likes of John Legend and Kimberley Locke. They bonded over a mutual love of classic house, Scandinavian pop and cold electronic beats. With Vintage Youth they reinterpret some of their favorite dance tracks, bringing them stomping into the future.


An influential promoter since before he was legally allowed to enter clubs, VICTOR RODRIGUEZ helped build the LA club scene in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s with such legendary clubs as White Chocolate, Plastic Passion and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Bringing Beige to LA with Billy Erb only further solidified his standing as a pioneer and innovator in LA, drawing a big-ass crowd for 11 years. As part of the Critter Control with DJ Chris Bowen, he established a rebirth of downtown club culture with their party Shits & Giggles. Showcasing such talent as Andy Butler, Pat Mahoney, Daniel Wang and Tim Sweeney, the party has been outrageously successful.

*all information provided by blog.acehotel.com/pride

Too legit to quit.  If you want to hop on this love train, then here is all the info on how to get errrrrrr done:


The Thursday night party in the Amigo room is free for everyone. All other weekend events are free to guests and $10 a day for visitors.


10pm to 1:30am – Kick-Off Dance Party: Live performances with Vintage Youth and LA Kendall, plus a special DJ set from NARK


Noon to 4pm – Pool Party: Jer Ber Jones and Honey Suckle Hype host and perform with DJs LA Kendall and Barbeau

6 to 8pm – Queer Film Showcase: Two hours of queer art and short films hosted by Honey Suckle Hype, poolside and free to everyone

8pm to 2am – Tranny Shack Dance Party & PerformanceTranny Shack SFLive in Palm Springs with DJS LA Kendall and Barbeau


Noon to 4pm – Pool Party: Jer Ber Jones hosts DJs Honey Sound System and Susan in Accounting, plus performances by Barbie Q, Lady Bear, Phyllis Navidad, Tammie Brown and many more, with shot girl Wendy on skates

6 to 8pm – Queer Film Showcase: Two hours of queer art and short films hosted by Honey Suckle Hype, poolside and free to everyone

9pm to 2am – Drag Show and Dance Party: DJs Juanita More, Chris Bowen, Honey Sound System and Victor Rodriguez, plus live drag performances with special guests


10am to noon – Gay Pride Parade: Downtown Palm Springs, see you there

Noon to 4pm – Children of the Sun Special Pride Edition: Pool Party mashup with lots of DJs playing mini sets including Victor Rodriguez, Chris Bowen, Honey Sound System, Susan in Accounting and many more

sounds like one big…

to me!!

Gotta love it!!

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