When it comes to blogs, everyone has their own way they like ’em served. Some like them well-done… a.k.a. straight forward to the point, perfect grammar, very direct, etc. Others like them rare.. a.k.a. a post here, a post there, just a photo here, no text, barely any content. Me? I like mine medium rare… a.k.a. lots of personality, photos, text, and video. It’s not just fulfilling, it’s chop lickin’ good!

I recently came across my new favorite blog for the month of November, Mascon Milk. What I like most about Mascon Milk is that is 100% Organic. It’s a sneak peak into the life of a curious desert nomad.  It’s focal point is on all that is simple, beautiful, functional, and natural.  Little snip-bits of Mother Nature’s desert delight through a 35mm lens.  Nothing is too posed, too structured, thought too hard about, none of that… it’s smooth sailing, like you are traveling right along side of the photographer.  And I appreciate the simplicity.

Mascon Milk is shot and produced by Natalie Aguayo.  A recent college graduate who studied film.  She is a writer, and is currently working on a couple screenplays at the moment.  I post this as surprise to her, and because she is so sweet and shy, she will probably be a little embarrassed that I am still rambling on about her.  Just my kinda person.  😉

Mascon Milk is kinda like a picnic in the park, or a road trip through your hometown, or a big gulp of milk after devouring 5 cookies back to back, it’s comforting. Without trying too hard, or giving too little… Natalie Aguayo serves up a beefy blog that is perfect for some good ol’ explorations of the desert….

To check out her entire collection of photography and Tumblr, please visit: