This holiday season skip the urge to splurge at the big corporate company stores around town and keep your money in your community and with your local entrepreneurs of the Coachella Valley.

It should be practicaly a natural instinct for you to want to spend local alreadym but if you haven’t educated yourself on the subject, here is how our dollars are broken down and divided and recycled back into the economy.

There is a chain reaction in the economy that goes something like this: You spend $100 in a shop. The sales tax is roughly 9 percent, depending on where you make the purchase. That 9 percent gets divided among the parish, the school board, the sheriff’s department, the fire departments, the municipality, etc.

Nationally, statistics have shown that for every $100 spent in independently owned stores, $68 of it returns to the community through the employee payrolls, taxes, homes, cars and so forth. In addition, if you spend your money online, none of it recycles through the community.”

The rest of the money helps the merchant pay his bills for doing business. This trickles down to things like insurance, utilities, vendors, employee salaries, etc. Those employees then spend their salary money on other gifts or necessities like food, housing, clothes and maybe even things from where they work, keeping other merchants in business.

When you spend locally, the money recycles into your house, your neighbor’s house, the police and fire department, everyone gets to pay their bills and everyone wins.

Sometimes buying on-line or from outside the area simply can’t be helped. But whenever possible, supporting local merchants supports the local economy and in a roundabout way, supports ourselves.

So, with that being said… here are two really great pop up shops that are going down around town starting this weekend!!!  Make sure you at least go check it out.

And, always, remember that it is a super sweet/romantic/thoughtful/intellectual present to buy someone a piece of art – so go out and buy some art from your favorite local artist instead of that weird sweatshirt from Old Navy.

* * *

Here is the info on the Pop Up Shops around town this weekend:

Caliente Springs Swap Club is going to be laying the smack down this weekend in Desert Hot Springs.  And, please, don’t give me that nonsense that DHS is too far or too scary – I am from there and look at me, I came out ok.  Trust me that you will be fine.  Make sure to visit my all time favorite thirft store while you’re out there, Gypsyland.

Here are just SOME of the items that Space H40 will be selling:

check out : for more details on these items.

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Here is another show we recommend.  This one is in Joshua Tree.  Ooohh… stop whining about going up to Joshua Tree!  You could probably use a little spiritual retreat after all that glutinous Thanksgiving meal anyhow:

Show Details:

Woods in the Desert Art Gallery announces ‘The Gift Show’ featuring over 25 local artists for the holidays.

All original hand crafted art gifts are priced $50 or less. The show includes pottery, photography, paintings, art gift cards, petite assemblages, handmade paper books, jewelry, prints, sculpture, t-shirts, local music CD’s and more. We’ve created a show with affordable gifts for the holidays. Shop locally this holiday season and help support the arts.

‘The Gift Show’ opens this Saturday November 20, with an Open House 10-5 pm. Woods in the Desert is open Tue-Sat 10-5 through December 23. We will be having an Open House each Saturday through December 18. Come each week to see what is new, special offerings and enjoy goodies and hot gourmet cider.

Artists in the show include Mayah Martin, Rik Livingston, Mita Markland Barter, Christy Anderson, Scott Monteith, Cheryl Kandel, Valerie Davis, Mike Smiley, Wally Pacholka, Ed Keesling, Cindy Daigneault, Bonnie Brady, John Greenfield, Tami Wood, Mary Kinninger Walker, and more.

Woods in the Desert Art Gallery is located at 61325 Hwy 62, Suite D in Joshua Tree. For more information call 760-399-7075.

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Oh, and something very cool for all you American Express card holders:


Small is BIG! R.S.V.P that you’ll shop small on Small Business Saturday! American Express is giving registered Cardmembers a $25 statement credit when they shop at small businesses on Small Business Saturday. To register your card, go to