It’s that time of year again….. Tamale Festival time!!!

If you think I’ve been sounding a tad bit grouchy on the blog, well, that’s because I’ve been starving myself this past week in preparation for the complete (tamale) debauchery I am going to take part in this weekend!  This weekend the City of Indio hosts the world’s greatest Tamale Fest in the world!!  I am sure all my fellow foodies out there are just as excited as I am to depart on this pallet pleasing adventure.

It’s one of my favorite festivals out here in the desert (second to Coachella Fest, duh)… because, well… it really makes me appreciate the craft of cooking.  There is a definite craft and science to it.  An art form.  You know a good tamale when you see/smell/taste one.  Am I right?!?!

If you have never been – you need to make this year your first year.

The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be there all day Sunday.  Be prepared to have some foodie recaps next week!!!

Below is vital information on where the festival is, how to get in, and the time you should be there at.  But, there is much more than just food… there is music and art featured there as well.  Get all the details at their website,

General Information

Free Admission


Saturday and Sunday

December 4-5, 2010


10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday


Downtown Indio

The Festival is between Highway 111 and Indio Boulevard and fills-in the streets of Miles, Towne, Smurr & Requa.


79 Degrees, Sunny Days

40 Degrees, Cool Evenings


It all started in 1992 with an idea by Dave Hernandez, a member of the Downtown Indio Merchants Association.

The rich heritage of the tamale, consistent community support and hard working tamale makers have created the festival’s tremendous success.

Recently, the Food Network-TV ranked the Indio International Tamale Festival in the top 10 “All-American Food Festivals” in the nation!

Festival’s Guinness World Records:

The World’s largest Tamale-over 1 foot in diameter and 40 feet in length, Dec. 4, 1999.  The World’s largest tamale festival-with 120,000 in attendance, Dec. 2-3, 2000.

I don’t know about you… but I’m definitely looking forward to it!


More information can be found on their website: