Welcome back to another week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

I am still stuffed from tamales, are you?  I feel like I’ve been waddling back and forth these past two days.  My hair is reeking like maza and I’m considering starting a food blog.  However, have no fear, I am sure this will all wear off as soon as my tamale stash runs out.

While I am still strung out on this tamale high, let’s get teh ball rolling before I crash and burn.  This week we start off quickly and the momentum towards the weekend doesn’t slow down, in fact, it increases.  You would think we would get a break?!?!  Nope, we never do and we never want one!  Let the fun play on…

1.  Date Farmers Opening Reception at The Ace Gallery on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. The time is finally here!!  The doors will open up this Saturday and the public will finally be let in.  The guys have came a long way since their tiny studio in Indio, as they will be rocking a completely solo show.  You can find all the details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108235659237570

2.  Epidemic Skate Competition Recap. We had such a great time.  Now, in pours all the photos, text, and hopefully video.  This will be a good one.  A sub community comes together as a community.

3.  What in the World are They Spraying? Chem trails.  Highly visible, highly debatable.  Tonight the Palm Springs Green Scene airs a documentary for all to get a visual explanation of exactly what chem trails are and who is producing them.  They suggest those with high blood pressure not come to this.  Yeah, it’s that serious.

4.  Highlight of the Week: Grrrrrrr. This week we highlight a show featuring one of the best upcoming bands from Orange County, The Growlers, and some of the best from the Coachella Valley, Slipping into Darkness, War Drum… etc.  Make sure to come back to get all the details and book your flight to never-ever-shurp-land.

5.  Explorations of the Desert: Gnarlos’s Modern Life. Forget Rocko, it’s all about Gnarlos.  Gnarlos is this kid from Indio who has a Canon and a good eye.  He is a multi-faceted, a stand-up comedian, an artist, a sweet guy.  He also has friends that are all of the above and when they all hang out they do things that stand-up comedians, artists and sweet people like to do.  All of this is carefully documented, and all is captured on camera in this week’s Explorations of the Desert.  Everybody likes to hang out with strangers, so come back to hang out with these cool kids.

6.  XXXMas with The CVAS and Alf Alpha. After Christmas all you wanna do is show off that adorable sweater that Grandma got you, right?!?!  Well, lucky for you the Coachella Valley Art Scene and DJ Alf Alpha will be there to supply you with the ultimate party in which to do so.  You can party with us on Christmas night for freeeeee!  Invite your whole extended family to come as well.  See… it pays to be ‘nice’ all year, doesn’t it!

7.  Commercial Break. Hopefully this Commercial Break can be filled with lots of cool skate videos from the Competition this last week.  It’s tuff editing videos, so no guarantees as of yet… but stay tuned because you just never know with the CVAS blog, do you?!

8.  Random. You just never know what we pull from our sleeves, out of our top hats, or rip from the interent… so we suggest you all keep your eyes peeled on our site and never ever take them off.  Just kidding.  Okay, maybe not.  Okay, just check back in daily to see what magic tricks we can come up with.

9.  Things 2 Do Thursday. This blog post is going like 2 years strong now.  You would think it would bore us, but it actually is a weekly source of inspiration for us.  We love this post with all of our heart and hope it provides you all with a great service!  Let us know what you got going on if there is a slight chance we don’t know about it.  And most important… use it to have fun, make friends, and build community!

Have a great week, guys!