TONIGHT: A Final Farewell to one of the Greatest!

J Dee’s landing was a great dive bar in Palm Springs that opened their doors to many young musicians in the desert by allowing them to organize and play live shows. Because of this, over these past years lots of culture has been made, a community was brought together & good times were had.

TONIGHT is the official “Farewell Show” as they shut their door permanently for business.  (Click on the flyer to enlarge for more details.)

We decided that instead of us telling you how much the space meant to the public, we’d have the public speak for themselves!  Here are a couple responses from some of our Facebook friends.  Make sure to come back next week for more photos and memories!:

Nocturnal Elements said:

“Every Tuesday night I would gather my friends and go have a blast ! There were no old folks there that looked down on our music if anything they came to show support and have a beer ! I will miss J Dee’s Landing.  I say we pull together a fund between all the regulars and make this place a open stage every night!  It’s a wonderful, dirty, “don’t give a *&%$#@!”,  jam out bar/music hall.   You will be missed J Dee’s Landing ;( !!”

Katy Koller said:

“The best part about J Dee’s was that, seemingly, nothing could stop it. Staff changes, loss of money, leaking roofs; nothing could get in the way of the raw energy it expelled. The customers, regulars, bands, and employees were always so driven to make J Dee’s a place that intertwined music, culture, community, and good drinks. And the relationship of those involved were always strong and constantly growing. I believe J Dee’s was a catalyst in transforming the Palm Springs music scene. It will be missed.

Merry Walkin said:

“The only bar in the desert that was open to ANYONE booking a show there, not just ONE guy booking the bands HE thinks people want.”

Ryan Barneck said:

“Its an absolute bummer, but I’ve been lucky enough to hang out there an pound some beers and shoot pool with all my friends.  I have also played there countless times with Innerwar back when Harley owned the joint.  In disparity I played J Dee’s once, and probly about 5 times in perishment.  After 12 years in the desert music scene I would have to say no place has helped out, or supported local artists as much as J Dee’s Landing… and maybe Ignition.  And I have played everywhere out here, so I know.  I didn’t have to pretend to be some Kyuss wannabe desert rock jocking indie hipster.  I represent the often ignored Metal scene and have done been since 1999 when Distorted Apathy won the P.S.H.S.  Battle of the Bands.  Yet, Indian Network News failed to mention because we weren’t “pop-punk”.  But, point being , J Dee’s Landing allowed us to be Metal , just like the old prospector did ten years ago.  You will be missed.  Now where will little Joey and Symara go?”

Jay Bednar, owner of Space 120 in Downtown Palm Springs said:

“It’s sad to see any open minded place shut down. But to me it does signify the need for the community to support these such places. As good as it was and as well as it connected people with community and music, it obviously was not enough to keep the doors open. This should be a reminder to all people to support the places locally owned and operated who do support the local community. Let’s be honest, without many places such as J Dee’s, most artists never would have had their chance to perform. Unfortunately, the almighty dollar is what keeps an establishments open, and it takes consistent support from patrons to make this occur. I’m not trying to shamelessly plug my establishment by saying this, merely stating a fact I do see is relevant.”

Eduardo Valadez said:

“I have recently moved to the Bay Area as to pursue my education in Community Studies and Social Practice in art.  A few of the observations that have been spring boards to some of my projects are directly linked to this place and the people the frequented it.  Many nights and memories are associated with it.  But, I will say that culture is made by people, and for that reason I am not worried.  The people in the desert are a special type of breed; resourceful and eclectic.  I hope this continues.”

Casey Keepers said:

“JDees has been a HUGE part of my life for almost 3 years. I’m so very grateful for the friends I have made and down right awsome talent I have witnessed. One thing is for sure there will be another venue coming soon to Palm Springs =) I have a few things in the works and when I know, you all will be the first to know.”

If you can make it out tonight, please do come out and support a venue that supported all of us over the years.  It will be a great night, an expected packed house, good music and old friends.

This one is to you , J Dee’s!