This Sunday Evening!

December 19th, 2010  starting at 7:00pm



Indio Performing Arts Center, 45-175 Fargo St, Indio, CA, 92201

Mario Lalli Jr., widely regarded as the godfather of the desert rock scene, will present some of the movement’s most important artists Sunday, Dec. 19 at the Indio Performing Arts Center, including his own band, Fatso Jetson.

Sharing the bill will be the Pedestrians Vs. War Party, You Know Who and Big Lizard.

This will be the third concert on the Desert Rock at the IPAC series sponsored by The purpose of the monthly shows is to celebrate the internationally known underground music of the Coachella Valley in the type of quality venue it deserves.

Lalli, the executive producer of the series, will be giving his first concert at the IPAC with one of the seminal desert bands of the past 20 years. Fatso Jetson has toured Europe with Queens of the Stone Age and opened for them at the McCallum Theatre.

Fatso Jetson

Lalli, who plays guitar and sings lead for the band, also has co-written some of the most important desert rock songs, including “Catamaran,” recorded by Kyuss, and “Monsters in My Parasol” and “You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire” by Queens of the Stone Age.

He and his cousin, bassist Larry Lalli, and drummer Tony Tornay have recorded seven albums since forming in 1994. Vince Meghrouni recently joined on saxophone and harmonica.

Their latest CD, “Archaic Volumes,” is praised on for its “molten heavy blues acid punk colliding with a more melodic songwriting approach.” It combines elements of hard rock, blues, punk and jazz while representing the diversity of the desert rock genre that grew out of the Coachella Valley’s generator scene.

The second billed Pedestrians Vs. War Party is a guitar and horn driven band combining funk, hip-hop and punk. The band features members of three of the most important bands of the past two decades: vocalist Mike Lewis, guitarist Marc Gentry and percussionist Rob Peterson of Groovalopacus; trumpeter Cesar Hernandez of Monstra X, and drummer Tim McMullen and bassist Armando Flores of Lung Cookie.

The Pedestrians vs. War Party

The punk trio You Know Who, featuring Mike Pygmie on guitar, Dylan Brown on bass and Rob Peterson on drums, also has outstanding desert rock pedigree. Pygmie formed his first band at age 13 and added Brant Bjork on drums shortly after Bjork’s split from Kyuss. Pygmie also played with Bjork in the punk-ska band, The Whizards before forming You Know Who. His latest band impressed Lalli at a recent outdoor benefit concert in Thermal that featured a reunion of most of the Kyuss original members.

You Know Who

Big Lizard

Big Lizard, featuring Antonio Duran on vocals, James Gastelum on bass, Sal Novoa on guitar and Moe Contreras on drums, is the youngest group on the Desert Rock at the IPAC bill, having been together for just about a year. They combine punk, ska, blues, dance, and reggae and cite as their influences Big Black, The Smiths, Sebadoh and the Stray Cats.

– story contributed by the Indio Performing Arts Center

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Some more information on each band:


(Palm Desert, CA)

“Fatso Jetson was formed in Palm Desert, CA, in 1994 and are often credited as one of the fore fathers of the desert strain of rock made most famous by their slightly younger neighbors Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. This might be strange considering that the genre was in full swing at the time of Fatso Jetson’s inception. The reason for the group’s immense stoner credibility is that key members of the group played in seminal local “desert” bands Across the River, Yawning Man, and the Sort of Quartet: each of them being groups that the high school aged Kyuss members would frequently see perform at parties. While musically similar to some of their stoner brethren, Fatso Jetson incorporate a broader variety of musical influences that includes punk,blues, jazz and surf music. That is not to say that the band isn’t capable of dishing out supremely heavy riffs.. Certainly grounded in dense hard rock, Fatso Jetson experiment with many musical textures, angular instrumental epics, and bizarre lyrics to create a punk, blues art rock all their own.” – as featured  on the Facebook invite


(Indio, CA)

“Born in the mid 90’s, Pedestrians were originally the brainchild of the late Darol Mata and frontman Mike Lewis of Groovalopacus. Conceived as an 11 piece party band dedicated to getting people on the dance floor, P.E.D. have had an almost revolving door policy of great desert talent to keep the music fresh and evolving. Regardless, the band has always pulled a feverish fan base, eager to hear the sounds funk inflected punk rock with
a reggae twist. The latest, and some say best, incarnation has culled some of the best hometown talent of the 2nd generation of desert rock icons:

Mike Lewis(Vox) – Groovalopacus
Marc Gentry(Guitar)- Mighty Jack and Groovalopacus
Rob Peterson(Percussion) – Edith and Alice, Sort of Quartet, and Groovalopacus
Cesar Hernandez(Trumpet) – Monstra X and Totem Polka
Tim McMullen(Drums) – Lung Cookie and BmovieSuperstars
Armando Flores(Bass) – Lung Cookie and BmovieSuperstars
Dax Martin rounding out the crew as hype-man and 2nd vocalist.”  – as featured on the band’s Facebook


(Palm Desert, CA)

“Intense full throttle hard rock, progressive and aggressive. Punk rock plays a role in the sound and energy of You Know Who…. however with influences from the Bad Brains to Coltraine you know theres ideas behind all the ferocity.” – as featured on the Facebook invite



“Big Lizard, Tony Duran on Vocals, Sal Novoa; guitar, James Gastelum plays bass, and Eli Carter is on the drums, are a relatively new band here. I’m not big on hype. I like what I like regardless of expectation. So why else should I do an interview with a band that I’m not super hyped on? Passion. The same passion that my co-worker at Trader Joe’s saw in my old band, I see in them. They’re young and still have a long way to go but I appreciate them for their heart and I see a lot of potential. I find it important to interview them to hopefully have them be an example of what it means to not only have passion but to also play with passion. They’re an example of being your own movement rather than being part of a movement…. ” written by Alex Callego in an interview for Dailey-Dares/The Coachella Valley Art Scene READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE

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