Welcome to the last week of 2010!

This is that one week out of the whole year where everyone is so busy reflecting upon the past and looking forward to changes in the future that they don’t have any time (or focus) to work.  Or, … is that just me?!

Excuse me for not being so ‘on top of it’ this week.  I just returned from a mini family vacation up to San Francisco on Wednesday (was gone for about 4 days)… and quite frankly, I just feel like enjoying the beuatiful weather with my beautiful family and friends until January 2nd or so.  I am sure you can relate, as I am sure you feel the same.  And, I mean, come on…. it’s soooo gorgeous outside that neither of us should be on the computer or locked up in our bedrooms/Koffi.

Okay, well, maybe at Koffi.  But, certainly not locked up in our rooms.

So… get outside and enjoy the weather.  Go on hikes, go to the Salton Sea, to the DHS skatepark, take your dog for a walk, go thrifting… or, enjoy the greatest, most accomplished, free-spirited artist in the entire world… Mother Earth.

We live in one of the most esthetically stunning places in California, so you better appreciate it before you move to a big city and start sucking up all the smog and tripping over all the debris.

This week (a.k.a. today) we will  post all of the independent night time events going down around town this weekend and NYE.  All of these events are put on by local promoters, and feature local talent.

Thank you for spending a life changing 2010 with us!!!  The first week in 2011 we will reflect back upon 2010 and quickly gear up for our season of EVENTS in 2011!!  We are so excited, that we can’t hardly wait.

Here’s to a good 2011!…


The Coachella Valley Art Scene blogbots