Hellooooooooo!!! It’s about to be 2011, people!!!  Do I need to say more??

Get your akwardly shaped 2011 glasses on and head out that door.  2010 was a super challenging year, so let’s cheers/drink/party/dance to a better 2011…. safely, of course (Mom, see… I’m not a bad influence!!).

Below are a list of independent thrown events organized by local promoters and featuring local talent.  If you’re going to go out to a bar, opposed to a house party, then make sure to support your local scene!

Thank you once again for being patient as we took this week (pretty much, for the most part) off.  We gotta soak up inspiration as we gear up for a grueling and self challenging 2011!  We got some good stuff in store for you and promise it will be worth the wait.

Be safe, and have more fun than you typically allow yourself to.


THURSDAY, December 30th:

NEW YEARS EVE!!, December 31st:


Thank you to all the readers once again for an amazing 2010…. see you soon in 2011!!

<3, The CVAS Blogbots